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Acne Medication

Acne MedicationAcne medication treatment products come in various sorts while also in abundance. They are readily available for purchase over the chemist counter. These specially formulated creams lotions or gel are mainly directed towards treating spots, pimples, blackheads, boils and much more. Aside from creams and  lotions etc  that remove acne there are also other choices of skincare for helping to remove acne and they may well include antibacterial soaps, facial washes and face masks. Continue reading

Cirrhosis Of The Liver

Cirrhosis Of The Liver -2Cirrhosis Of The Liver: How much do you know about the inner organs, especially the liver if this is your reason for reading this? We all talk about our organs at some point, whether it is just in general conversation, but when the word Cirrhosis is mentioned it becomes the highlight of the topic, more so, if you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the Liver? Below is some useful information that’ll help you try and understand the disease and everything about it. What you need to remember before going into a panic is that most disease and conditions are curable, or able to be managed and controlled due to technology. Some particular illnesses, if caught in an early stage and a doctor is involved it can be cured completely with no word of it ever coming back. Continue reading

Weight Loss

Weight LossHow serious are you about following a weight loss plan. If you’re overweight to the extent where the word obese fits the bill, it’s likely you’ll need a doctor working alongside you to help get your weight down. Obesity is fast becoming a problem for many, but the good news is, there is support offered to the genuine person looking to lose weight. Is your reason for wanting to lose weight down to being ridiculed about size and being called fatty, or, do you have a health concern that demands you lose weight. Fatness in people restricts them in many ways of doing and following suit of what slim people can do. Continue reading

Nose Bleed

NOSE BLEED Having a nose bleed or watching someone else bleed from the nose can be a scary experience, especially if it comes on all of a sudden without warning or reason. A common cause of a nose bleed is if the nose has taken a knock. Trauma to the nose such like a punch in the face or walking into a door are likely common causes. Blood is usually expected when something like this happens, however, not always the case even if the nose has been broken. Continue reading

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks and why pregnant women get them. Also what they are exactly! They are if being honest something you need to prevent if possible. Stretch marks are associated strongly to pregnancy and obesity. They can appear mild on the stomach in pregnant women or aggressive in appearance. They can only be described as down right ugly in some cases if severe. Continue reading

Testicle Lumps

TESTICLE LUMPSTesticle Lumps: Whether you have one or two doesn’t mean they are a result of something serious. Have you found a lump in your testicle. Are you scared stiff its there because of something bad. You wouldn’t be human if this didn’t worry you what with cancer being a condition strongly linked with lumps whether in the testicles breasts or wherever. Continue reading


InfluenzaCold or influenza which one fears you the most? And if you had choice which of these conditions would you rather suffer from and have to treat? At the end of the day both are not life threatening conditions, but that doesn’t mean if infection kicks in then complications can occur which can have have severe consequences for the patient.. Continue reading


ShavingShaving: How hard can it be to shave hair off your face, legs, chest or from the anal crack. It’s not hard at all to shave as it is scary, simply because, you are working with a razor blade. Shaving pubic hair or a beard or trimming a moustache takes skill and patience, so if you have a cut throat razor in your hand do not attempt to rush the shave. There is a lot to shaving if you are looking to get a good close shave to leave a smooth finish. Things like proper shaving equipment and shaving tools and being organised will give you the edge on getting your shaving technique right. Continue reading


How can someone or something abuse your skin you may well ask, that is, unless you allow it. SkinThe skin needs as much care and attention like that of any other part of the body. Most people who suffer with bad skin are unaware this is likely a result of being outside in the open air.

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Once outside the home is when neglect starts especially if it hasn’t been treated for whatever the weather condition on the day. With no cleansing or moisturising then its not ready. If you ignore a beauty priority such like of this importance then expect problems later down the line. Continue reading


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PerfumeWhen choosing perfume or scent if you prefer to call it that, keep in mind that what may smell nice on someone else may not smell the same on you. You can only really judge by trying out different perfume testers. When testing particular scents don’t sniff the area where it’s been sprayed straight away give it a few seconds to settle.

If your fragrance choice are that of the range of eau de parfum, eau de toilette or eau de cologne, then spray this onto the skin generously because eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de cologne are specially designed formulas to use on nearly every part of the body. Continue reading

Spider Veins

Spider VeinsAre spider veins also referred to as thread veins a serious health issue? Are spider veins painful and treatable? Because we all differ greatly in how we cope with different health conditions makes this a hard question to answer. Spider veins are not a physically agonizing condition, as they are for causing extreme emotional upset for people who suffer from them, especially if the veins are prominent on the face and legs.

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Spider veins on the face are not caused by any venous pressure but more supposedly a result of ageing or to much exposure to the sun. Two main causes of premature wrinkling are the sun and smoking tobacco products. Spider vein treatment up until recently was mask over creams which do not cure, but instead rather covers up the problem. Continue reading

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel SyndromeIrritable Bowel Syndrome: If you have stomach pain such like cramp and see change in bowel movement this could indicate IBS. Having said that it may not be this either. With this particular disorder stools may come solid, soft or sloppy) These are possible symptoms caused by the condition, however, other conditions can include these symptoms also Continue reading

Wedding Cakes

Wedding CakesWedding cakes is all about flavour, or is it though? For most happy couples to be its all about appearance and how it looks when baked, iced with cream or whatever and ready for scoffing, or is it though? I would say a combination of both is the ideal wedding cake.

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Perfect Wedding Cakes if you are thinking of making your own will not cost you as much money as it would if ordered from a bakery. Continue reading


WeddingTo avoid any hiccups on this special day all wedding accessories have to be finalised long before the day of walking down the aisle. If you have any doubt whatsoever involving your wedding plans, get it sorted fast. Make sure that everything is ticked off on the to do list, things like the cake, the cars, wedding guests, bridesmaid gifts and more so to get peace of mind.

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The bride will never look the part without bridal accessories to finish off the whole look after the dress is put on. Accessories are seen as garnish so as to speak. What’s added to the woman’s body while in her gown is going to make a massive difference to her appearance. Continue reading

Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial VaginosisWhat do you know about bacterial vaginosis. And what’s more what has given you reason to think you might have the problem. That is, if this is the reason you are reading this. BV is a vaginal infection but not one to panic over. It is related strongly to an abnormal vaginal discharge. Continue reading

Vaginal Infections

Vaginal Infections>What is it you fear about having a vaginal infection? Is it pain that some can cause, or the fact your vagina is infected by disease. I can relate to what you’re feeling because I too have experienced symptoms both mild and severe of Thrush, Cystitis, Vaginal rash and Vaginal pimples. Continue reading

Vaginal Thrush

Vaginal ThrushVaginal thrush is a condition that affects nearly every woman at some time. It can cause severe discomfort in the way of soreness. Not to worry though as it’s a treatable condition. Some women tend to leave it till the last minute before going to a medical centre, which is hard to understand because, why put up with the discomfort allowing the infection to become more severe. Continue reading

Swollen Testicles

Swollen TesticlesSwollen testicles: Why is my left ball looking inflamed and what has caused this? Why am I seeing discharge coming from my penis? My bum and willy is itchy… why? Could it be that I sweat a lot? What is the reason for the smell around my private parts? All symptoms and signs mentioned here are nothing to be ashamed about or worry over. Continue reading


AllergiesWhat are allergies and is it dangerous to have one. If a person has an allergic reaction to something they are seriously allergic too, then the answer is yes. An allergy can cause a person to react in a different way to that of another person.

Symptoms of a common allergy are normally linked to a runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, (hay fever), red eyes, even itchiness around the ears. Continue reading


BirthmarksSurprisingly not many people are aware of what birthmarks are. Normally birthmarks appear on the skin of newborn babies! An infant can develop a birthmark either before or soon after birth. Most common type of birthmark is called a Hemangioma.Birthmarks of this type occur due to the gathering of new blood vessels which group together in one place on the skin. Blood vessels are tiny tubes that transport blood through the body. Continue reading


Wrinkles Wrinkles is certainly one of the most common signs of ageing skin. In some unfortunate cases they are more aggressive due to genetics. What this means is, genetically prone to wrinkling. The older woman tends to dread this time when wrinkles form knowing they are unavoidable. There is good news however, so premature fine lines and face wrinkles can be prevented. Continue reading


CelluliteWhat is cellulite and why have I got it. Good question why have you got it? You’re not alone when you see the amount of women looking for a way to get rid of this, which has likely affected their legs, thighs, belly or buttocks. These are regular body parts where it is commonly found.

Cellulite is more a woman’s problem than it is a man’s. It is pockets of trapped fat which causes dimpling in the skin. It can come mild or severe. Depending on severity of the affected area treatment can vary. When dimpling is uneven and patchy it can look down right ugly. Continue reading

Dry Skin

Dry SkinAre you suffering from dry skin and no matter what you do you see no change. The reason for this is likely down to how you conduct the way you treat the area of dry skin. Dryness is caused by lack of water in the skin, not oil. So think of it like as if your skin was thirsty. What do you do for thirst, you quench it. Drink plenty of water, although this is not an actual remedy for dry skin, it is however healthy for the body regardless, and that’s what you need, strength, as it will help you fight for better skin. Continue reading

Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins Are varicose veins a thing of beauty? Ask a person who suffers with veins to find this out. Nonetheless, I’ll put money on the answer being no.

Varicose veins usually affect the legs. One cause to influence varicose and spider veins is directed at being a heredity thing. Raised swollen blood vessels that twist and turn can be the result of obesity. Birth control pills, blood clots and post-menopausal hormonal replacement are others. They can develop in people whose job might include standing for long periods at a time. Continue reading

Teen Sex

Teen SexWhat is teen sex? Firstly its something that you need to be old enough to do, and secondly, and most important thing is to know what’s involved if your’e under the age of consent to have sexual intercourse. Teen sex we associate to young people who have under age sex. It’s also a subject heavily highlighted because of the amount of unwanted pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases that can happen as a result of unprotected sex. If you are thinking teen sex then think condom too Continue reading

Valentine Day

Valentine DayValentine Day: Come February the 14th both men and women busy themselves deciding what to get their sweetheart. Its the one day of the year that’s classed most romantic out of the 365 days in a year. Couples tend to wine and dine each other over a candlelit dinner or cuddle up together on the couch eating chocolates or give each other flowers and much more. Continue reading


What is a relationship? Love is a misunderstanding between two fools so they say, that is if we are talking about people here. What does a relationship mean? It isn’t always about what we think the girl and boy or man and woman thing. It is a bond a connection or coming together in unison between two things. It more times applies to two related or unrelated people. Relationships can be recognized or referred to like man and his dog or man and his car. Continue reading

Contact Lenses

Contact LensesWhy wear contact lenses? The majority of people feel they are making a spectacle of themselves (excuse the pun) by wearing glasses. With today’s designs with glasses and frames this should not be the case.

Contact lenses are medical devices which can bring risks. Continue reading

Puffy Eyes

Puffy Eyes Puffiness around the eyes or directly underneath can be caused by a number of factors. Sometimes and allergy can cause this. Or skin conditions like dermatitis which now the infected can bring itch and a red rash.

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Another cause for puffy eyes is fluid retention. This can be prompted by a change in weather or hormone levels. Continue reading

Mothers Day

Mothers Day

Mothers Day Gifts – What have you got planned for mum this mothering Sunday. Don’t tell me you have forgotten its Mother Day. How could you forget a day specially dedicated to that one woman in your life that means so much to you? Okay so you haven’t forgotten and want ideas on what to give mum. Continue reading


Colic Colic is something we relate to in new born babies, usually affecting the baby up until 4 months old, nevertheless an attack can happen at any time. Also a condition that affects adults too. I am not sure if the pain in adults is different to the pain babies have, but I pray it isn’t. Why? It has to be the most excruciating pain ever. How do I know this, well I suffered this and believe me the pain was intolerable. I oh so pray baby’s pain is nothing like like adults get. If they do then all I can say is that babies are strong little mites to have to cope with this. Continue reading

Potty Training

Potty TrainingWhen potting training the toddler patience is the solution. Just because your child is not as quick as the next child for weeing and pooing in the potty does not mean you have to rush him or her off to the doctor. Children are different, some being slower than others at learning things, just like walking and talking. Well this goes for potty training too. Continue reading


BabiesBabies are hard work from the time they are born. You need to be prepared and ready to tend to the new born baby’s needs and wants, and especially more so if you are a new mum. You’ll want to know about feeds, bathing, and most of all and most important is to know about baby conditions that can happen should they get sick. Continue reading

Baby Shower Themes

Baby Shower ThemesBaby shower themes: Why do women get over excited about holding a baby shower party. The main reason is to share with friends and family the joy connected to welcoming a new edition into the family. Continue reading

Baby Showers

Baby ShowersBaby showers: This occasion is commonly celebrated in relation to the birth of a new baby. More times than not they are celebrated before the forthcoming arrival.Some mums may hold the baby shower after the baby is born, and why not, after all it is baby’s baby shower party, so why shouldn’t baby attend also.

Baby shower parties tend to be an all girly gathering who come bearing gifts to give to the mum-to-be, or the mum that is. Its a wonderful time and a fabulous way to celebrate new life? Continue reading



Do you think you are pregnant? The only way to know for sure pregnancy has happened is to see a doctor or do a home pregnancy test. Whatever gave you the idea in the first place to think you are pregnant? Has your period stopped, is there weight gain or are you being sick in the morning. Continue reading

Yellow Toenails

Yellow Toenails No woman will look her best especially when wearing open sandals should she have yellow toenails protruding through. Toe nails can mould into an abnormal shape as well as thicken once they turn yellow, thus, making some shoes uncomfortable and painful to wear. Continue reading


NailsKeeping fingernails healthy strong and looking fabulous then you simply just need to treat them and not bite them. Neglect causes unnecessary complications, such like nail plate dryness where they have been exposed to harmful chemicals. Nail plate dryness can be caused through cleaning products that contain ammonia. This condition is commonly known to cause splitting and breaking.. Continue reading


HysterectomyHysterectomy: One in five women will have had their womb removed. This usually is the norm for women around the age of 55. A hysterectomy maybe suggested as a solution to help women with heaving bleeding from periods. Other health matters may suggest this operation as an alternative. Continue reading


HRTHRT: Not sure what hormone replacement therapy is? Not sure what treatment and medications are involved for easing symptoms of the menopause?Hormone replacement therapy, in short HRT is a drug used to help women cope with the unpleasant effects of the change of life. This is typical in women between the ages of 42 and 58 years. The younger woman can also experience this but not normally common.

HRT is supposedly believed to increase the risk of breast cancer in women. Breast tissue is sensitive to oestrogen, so continued use of this for long periods of time may increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Continue reading



Otherwise referred to as periods, menstruation is a physical sign to say that a young girl has reached puberty. The changes that come with menstruation and puberty can be alarming for some young girls who fear the thought of starting their periods, while others, lavish the thought. Continue reading


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