AnorexiaAnorexia is an eating disorder connected to young girls around the onset of puberty. It still can affect other age types. Weight loss in an anorexic person is usually 15% below their normal body weight. The anorexic person to keep weight off will exercise, take laxatives and last but not least starve themselves.

The anorexic will have an intense fear of getting fat choosing to miss meals.

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This is a serious condition where death has been known. People who suffer this condition continue to think they are overweight, even after becoming extremely thin and bony. Sometimes to an extent where the ribs protrude through the flesh. More times than not the patient will develop odd behaviours surrounding eating habits. Such like refusing to eat in front of other people. They can however which makes it all the more surprising, can still be around food. Not all but the vast majority of people with the eating disorder has no problem with preparing vegetables and cooking meals.

If you are a parent guardian or friend and are monitoring someone showing signs of the illness, brace yourself for denial and resistance and likely anger.

Common Signs & Symptoms Of Anorexia

Missing periods.
Refusing to eat in public
Sensitive skin
Compulsive calorie watching

There are so many serious consequences that can be the outcome of this illness. Shrunken Bones, mineral loss, and low body temperature as well as irregular heartbeat, permanent failure of normal growth, development of osteoporosis. The eating disorder bulima nervosa can happen to someone with anorexia.

Anorexia needs medical intervention immediately.

Bulimia is a different condition so don’t play the guessing game and get the patient to a doctor so it can be determined just what condition they do have.