Baby Shower ThemesBaby shower themes: Why do women get over excited about holding a baby shower party. The main reason is to share with friends and family the joy connected to welcoming a new edition into the family. You would be surprised how many newly pregnant women come forward for help in choosing baby shower themes for the occasion. Themes come in abundance so you will be spoilt for choice. It is best to have in mind already what theme you want and settle for that.

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Once this plan is in action you can concentrate on other vital elements that have to be put in place. Things like organising the baby shower food, baby shower games, and other types of entertainment you may have planned for your guests.

A baby shower is a group thing so be sure to ask everybody for help and ideas. if you are pushed for time when seeing to other preparations for the baby shower party itself, I’m pretty sure friends or family members would be happy to assist you.

Helpful baby shower list below should include, this is after Your baby shower themes have been chosen.

• Baby shower invitations and stamps

• Food, paper plates, cups, plastic knives and forks for the baby shower party

• Baby shower cake

• Decorations

• Prizes for games

• Going home ‘goody bags’

Choosing a baby shower theme

Popular themes include:

Teddy bear’s tea party

Nursery rhymes and cartoon characters. Popular baby shower themes are Winnie the Pooh, Tweenies, Teletubbies, Snow White, and Shrek.

There are experts in this field that will do everything for you. All you do is tell them what you want in a baby shower theme and they will decorate your room accordingly to your wishes. If you want to personalise the room yourself with your own personal touch and feel, then fine.

Remember that a baby shower theme is considered one of the most important of all to making a party a success. You don’t have to stick with one theme. Mix and match if you are undecided between options. You can decorate one side of the room with Cinderella characters and the other side with Mickey and Minnie mouse or whatever. You choose.

Baby Shower Themes