Baby ShowersBaby showers: This occasion is commonly celebrated in relation to the birth of a new baby. More times than not they are celebrated before the forthcoming arrival.Some mums may hold the baby shower after the baby is born, and why not, after all, it is baby’s baby shower party, so why shouldn’t baby attend also.

Baby shower parties tend to be an all girly gathering who come bearing gifts to give to the mum-to-be or the mum that is. This a wonderful time and a fabulous way to celebrate a new life?

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As a rule, the expectant mum arranges the event, but because it’s an exciting time everyone else wants to join in. So as not to disappoint the expectant mother may allow friends and family members particular jobs to do that’s already listed down on her to do list.

The whole event should be fun and completely stress-free, and so this happens, plan ahead. A good time to hold a baby shower party is in the pregnant woman’s last trimester.

While a baby shower is often a ‘girls only’ affair, some future daddies like to make an appearance. Well, after all, he has as much right as anybody else to join in and celebrate the future arrival of his new son or daughter.

For your baby shower, you will have to consider where it’s to be held, in the home or a venue hall. Depending on how many guests have been invited will have to be taken into account so there is plenty of space. A small room and long list of guest names could have your guests sat alongside each other looking like sardines in a can.

Baby shower invitations need sending out early. This will give guests time to make arrangements for babysitters or get time off work etc.

It is in your best interest, so you don’t experience any last minute hiccups is to draw up a baby shower list of to do’s.

Your Baby Shower List

• baby showers invitations and stamps

• food, paper plates, cups, plastic knives and forks for the baby shower party

• baby shower cake

• decorations

• prizes for games

• going home ‘goody bags’

Choosing a theme is important for your baby shower

Popular themes include:

• Teddy bear’s tea party

• Nursery rhymes

Books – Ask each guest to bring a book that meant something to them as a child. It’s a great way for mum to start up a library for the infant for when they are older.

For decoration, everyone who brings a fairytale book can arrange them around the room to bring colour to where they are placed.

The baby shower cake could be baked in the shape of a fairy tale character

Remember to work with colours pink and blue if you know the gender of your baby.
If you don’t know then keep to lemon or cream.

Let your guests know the gender is unknown, this will give them hindsight as to what colour to gift.

It’s also nice to ask guests to write a poem, a little ditty, limerick or rhyme about the mum-to-be and her baby. Doing this will bring tears to everyone’s eyes.

Stick all these snippets of this special event into a scrapbook, which you can pass onto the baby when they have grown up and become an adult.

Go on-line and find the experts in this field that will do everything for you, that’s if you feel out of your depth to get everything right. All you do is tell them what you want and hey presto you get what you want.

Baby Showers