Back PainHave you recently suffered back pain and not sure why it is there. Can you remember injuring yourself where you strained or weakened it? If you do remember hurting yourself, then good, because at least now you can put your pain down to this, while on the other hand back pain without cause by you is something that needs to be checked out by a doctor.

If the pain is a result of an injury you could have done more damage than you think. Spinal injuries can paralyse. If the spine has suffered trauma then get yourself to the hospital so it can be x-rayed to check for spinal damage. Having said this, and depending on how severe the damage you may need to have an ambulance call out to collect you.

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A troubled back can be caused by bad posture. Not sitting or standing right can cause back pain. There are different types of back pain and you will know whether the agony or aches you suffer is there because you pulled something in your back, or the outcome of sitting in an awkward position or other.

A common condition for a back problem is due to a trapped nerve (Sciatica.)

What is Sciatica? It is a collection of symptoms caused by an irritation or squeezing of one of five nerve roots in the lower back or of the sciatic nerve itself.

Sciatica patients typically suffer pain in one or more of the following areas below:

Aching buttock and thighs

Leg tingling or numbness

Sudden darting pains up through the lower back

Most sciatica cases can be credited to one of four chief causes:

Piriformis Syndrome – Formed when pressure hits on the sciatic nerve by the piriformis muscle (cause of sciatic pain.)

Spinal disc herniation – Reasoned by a spinal disc poking out from between the vertebrae and pushing on one of the sciatic nerve roots.

Spinal stenosis – This is when the spinal canal tapers and squeezes the spinal cord.

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction – Dysfunction in the sacroiliac joint that’s frequently credited to bad posture positions.

People turn to exercise for pain relief for back pain, while this is a good measure, it can also not be too. You need to know the cause of your back pain first before exercise is exercised so as to speak as it can be dangerous, even though exercise is highly recommended by doctors to help lots of other conditions, make sure he or she is the one to recommend this for you and your problem.

Some back exercises are ideal for, healing backache but depending on the exercise it can also cause back problems or maybe damage if you don’t know what you are doing.

To help prevent back pain keep good posture as this is the chief cause of back issues.

There is a knack to bending down to help stop a back problem rising. When you stoop down to pick something up, it has to be done with your knees bent and follow them down. It’s little things like this that’ll help you avoid hurting yourself.

Obesity can cause back problems. If you suffer from a backache as a result of being overweight then do the sensible thing… diet. And anyway it’s healthier for your heart regardless.

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