Bacterial VaginosisWhat do you know about bacterial vaginosis? And what’s more what has given you a reason to think you might have the problem. That is if this is the reason you are reading this. BV is a vaginal infection but not one to panic over. It is related strongly to an abnormal vaginal discharge. Supposedly caused by an overgrowth of normal bacteria inside the vagina. Once called Gardnerella vaginitis after the bacterium that was thought to cause the infection. All women have bacterium living in the vaginal area but it can multiply and become imbalanced.

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BV is not a life-threatening disease, and neither is it passed on through sexual intercourse.

If the vaginal discharge has changed colour, or the amount of discharge you lose is a lot, and the vaginal odour is a fishy smell, you will need this evaluated by a doctor. It is up to your doctor to determine what degree of vaginal discharge is considered normal or abnormal for each female.

The main symptom is an unpleasant fishy smelling discharge that looks greyish white. There are various types of infections that would need to be looked at also after this main symptom of BV mentioned earlier can relate to other conditions too. Thrush, genital warts, genital herpes and other bring similar symptoms of Bacterial vaginosis, and this is why it has to be checked out.

If a rash is present it may have nothing to do with BV, but more likely caused by vaginal pimples. Normally a mild rash which will go after bathing with warm water. But if it doesn’t clear up within a specific time, then antibiotics may be required.

Vaginal discharge streaked with blood doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean ignore it. When blood is included the doctor will ask you many questions about how much discharge you lose, has it an offensive odour. This is a to get a clearer picture of the problem so to be able to make an accurate diagnosis. Once determined it will be treated accordingly.

Bacterial Vaginosis.