What is it with some beautiful women that think they’re ugly when they’re clearly not! And then we have the women who are inclined to think they’re not so pretty and will sit and sulk and do nothing about it! There is no such thing as ugly…ugly is only a word. Okay so it’s a word that refers to something unpleasant to look at, but hey c’mon, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So what one person might see as ugly the next person the complete opposite.

Note: Things can be done to make ugly look nice so bear this in mind!

In situations like these, it is usually the woman herself that sees ugly and not others. If you’re one of these girls get your act together, stop sulking and find the best way to pretty up what bothers you. There is always going to be that one part of the body a woman is not happy with which is likely to include either the face, bottom, breasts, legs or whatever.

Makeup/Beauty Tips

The biggest mistake when using cosmetics is the lack of knowledge of that actual product being used. It is all well and good knowing which part of the body to apply it to, but is this enough? Things like, how much to use, what ingredients are contained in the cosmetics, how to do a skin test for allergies, how to deal with complications from an allergic reaction are just a few reasons to be up-on, that is, if the ugly duckling is to turn into a swan.

Choosing the right cosmetics is important but so is knowing how to mix colours and shades and so on. Having a variety of colours to choose from will ensure you find the ideal colour best suited to you.

If you find a technique you’re comfortable with when applying mascara, lipstick, eye shadow or other, then half the battle is won. Putting make-up on is a skill and when you have acquired this skill it could save you the embarrassment of looking like Coco the Clown when you have finished painting your face.

How to make the ugly part you might think you have… pretty.

Makeup Tips

Eyes are a vital asset to a woman’s appearance. Aside from the smile, it is the eyes that people tend to notice first. Healthy eyes assure beautiful eyes. If lately, you’re eyes look tired then this can be remedied by using chilled eye drops. Eye drops revitalize the eyes and increase the look of liveliness as so with eyelash curlers which tend to open the eyes wider. Avoid alcohol as it can cause eye redness. If you need proof of this then look at someone slightly inebriated.

Eye treatments should contain natural ingredients

Sunglasses should be worn for protection. Wear a quality brand name of sunshades that efficiently filters out the harmful UV rays. Never rub the eyes no matter how tempting as this causes fine lines and wrinkles. When applying eye cream smooth it lightly over the temple to the nose and massage into the skin. As we get older the skin underneath the eyes thins and because of this, the veins become more visible hence dark circles. Allergies can cause nasal inflammation which increases the amount of pressure on the sinuses which then impedes the blood from draining which gives rise to blood pools in the veins and capillaries below the eye creating blackness (dark under-eye circles).

Makeup Tips

Remove eye makeup every evening and renew in the morning.

Make my big nose look smaller:

If dealing with a long nose—face foundation needs to be a shade darker than the skin tone on either side of the nose.

For the wide (roman) nose the foundation needs to be smoothed below the nose where the nostrils meet.

Awareness: Bring more action to the eyes using cosmetics that’ll draw attention away from the nose.

Highlight the lips with lip gloss and accentuate the cheekbones with blusher.

Do not wear the hair back if the nose is to look smaller. Hairstyle tip: a sneaky move for taking attention away from a big nose is to part the hair on the side

Don’t cover the face with hair to conceal the nose. People are not stupid and know it is there somewhere and will immediately start scanning your face till they find it, and, if it is as big as you make out then they’ll notice this too. The less conspicuous the attempts at trying to hide the nose the better.

Beauty is about natural and the more natural-looking you are the better beautiful you will look.

Lips: For natural-looking pinkish lips apply a small amount of beetroot juice before going to sleep.

Lightly rub the lips with lemon juice to prevent darkening.

Treating the lips daily with mint juice or coriander leaf juice will keep them smooth and rosy.

Eat a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables; This is a tip for all over the body health

Exfoliate the lips once every 7 days with a wet “soft” bristle toothbrush.

Beverages such as tea and coffee can cause black lips as this goes for tobacco products too. To treat, mix lemon and glycerin together and smooth over over the lips each evening before bed. This will help lighten the lips.

Cosmetics can either make you or break you. Too much can ruin a good look, and not enough the good look you won’t get.

No matter how pretty the lips appear they’ll never look inviting if those pearly whites are not so white.

Dental treatments/surgery is expensive, however, no reason to let the teeth yellow and decay. Bad breath is a big turn off. No matter how skilled you have become at applying make-up if the teeth have been neglected… need I say more. Always carry a mini mouthwash spray in your handbag until you can get to a dentist.

Never try products you’re unfamiliar with to avoid problems which could include allergies etc. Always speak to a doctor or beautician for advice.

All content on this website/blog should not be substituted for that of the opinion of a doctor or other type professional!

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