Birth MarksSurprisingly not many people are aware of what birthmarks are. Normally birthmarks appear on the skin of newborn babies! An infant can develop a birthmark either before or soon after birth.

Most common type of birthmark is called a Hemangioma.Birthmarks of this type occur due to the gathering of new blood vessels which group together in one place on the skin. Blood vessels are tiny tubes that transport blood through the body.

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At this present moment, there is no known cause why a grouping of blood vessels happen. Birthmarks are painless and not directed towards an illness of any kind.

When talking of newborn babies and birthmarks it is common to see the appearance of these skin stains on the back of the neck. This type is called stork bites. If located between the eyebrows then they’re called angel kisses. These birthmarks usually disappear within the first few weeks or months of life.

One kind of hemangioma is called a strawberry hemangioma. The strawberry hemangioma is recognised because of its bright red and sticks out of the skin. Not all but the strawberry hemangioma usually disappears on its own by the time a child is about 5 years old. The Cavernous hemangioma is another type of birthmark that lies beneath the outer layer of skin. The difference between the strawberry hemangioma and the Cavernous is, it’s puffier and also differs in colour. The Cavernous hemangioma is more a bluish red. These types do not normally go away by themselves.

One type of birthmark the hemangioma (port-wine stain). Unlike the other two types… the port wine stain isn’t puffy or raised like a strawberry or cavernous hemangioma, its level with the outer layer of skin. Once again colour defines the differences between birthmarks. A port-wine marking is an area of skin that is either maroon or deep red in colour and normally located on a child’s face and neck.

In some serious cases of birthmarks, surgery may be suggested. Surgery can include a doctor using laser treatment to help hide the disfigurement – as some people see them. Blue or black spots on your skin since birth are probably types of mole! Moles are tiny collections of pigment cells that contain colour. Just like a birthmark, moles are painless and once again not a sign of illness in children.

Sometimes a mole is referred to as being a beauty spot.

Even though a mole is not known to cause discomfort aside from maybe embarrassment for some, moles have to be monitored when exposed to the sun. Skin cancer is a disease commonly found through the change of appearance of a mole on the skin. Find out more on how to protect your skin and what to look out for if you think skin cancer is present.