Body OdourAll body odours have a distinctive smell unique to particular parts of the body which are a good thing because at least you can pinpoint the exact place the smell is coming from and go directly to that area and treat accordingly. The nose is a great detective for sniffing out odour so protect the nose. No hard rubbing or hard blowing as this can cause damage to the nose, hence it not being able to do its job.

If your own body odour goes unnoticed by you this may not be the case for anyone standing close by. The molecules in the nostrils can become insensitive, and therefore the reason why the person that stink’s may not know that they do.

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It’s unfortunate for people with no sense of smell and who sweat a lot. Especially if it has to be pointed out to them about their smelly armpits by a friend, even a stranger, how embarrassing. Even more embarrassing if the body the odour is coming from somewhere else. You can be the cleanest of people with a strict hygiene regime, but the smell is smell and natural and it will come regardless.

One main reason people struggle to detect their own body odour is that like mentioned before their sense of smell has become so plain making the molecules in their nostrils insensitive. However, and which may sound strange. pungent smells like curry or garlic don’t go unnoticed by them.

Sweating is a natural body function that we all experience. When the body perspires it is a sign that the body is relieving heat in a biological way. Sweat is not really what causes smell but the bacteria that settles where the sweaty parts are. Bacteria thrive in warm moist environments.

Body odour can be reduced in many ways. Of course keeping things that give cause for heavy sweating is something to avoid, however, as long as you bathe after actions of this sort it’ll prevent bacteria settling, which as we know now is the cause for the smell.

Bacteria is not restricted solely to one area of the body so remember this when bathing.

When washing clean every nook and cranny, and I mean nook and cranny. Skin creases permit bacteria to enter if it gets sweaty and the outcome―body odour.

Keep on top of areas where sweat producing glands are plentiful, for example, under the arms the groin and feet. People differ where some people produce more sweat and oil producing glands than others do, nevertheless, regular bathing is the answer to this problem regardless of who has the most sweat glands.

Antiperspirant and deodorant help to keep sweating at a low level.

Shave under the arms if need be as hair is like a magnet for bacteria. The armpit becomes a fertile breeding ground for the bacteria.

Certain materials can help reduce sweating.

If body odour still remains a problem, and no matter what you do and nothing happens, speak to a doctor as he or she may have a solution to this for fear another cause is the cause for your body odour.

Body Odour