Breast CancerBreast cancer is not something any woman or man, yes man, wants to hear after visiting their doctor. Fortunately, the death rate figures for breast cancer have decreased significantly over the years with the biggest drop in younger women. Early detection of breast cancer was the reason for the drop in numbers.

Two-thirds of the 35,000 of new cases diagnosed with this type of cancer in the UK result in a cure. This number could very well be higher now. Breast Cancer is malignant (cancerous) cells found in breast tissue. Each breast has 15 to 20 sections or parts called lobes which also have other tiny sections called lobules.

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These lobes and lobules are linked by thin tubes called ducts. A common breast cancer type is ‘invasive adenocarcinoma. This stems from either the ducts or the lobules. Invasive ductal carcinoma is also common. It is found in the cells of the ducts and usually forms a hard lump (70 percent of all breast cancers).

Like other cancers such like lung cancer, bowel cancer and breast cancer, if detected early it can give hope to the patient with the disease to survive it. Leaflets on breast examination explain in clear detail how to conduct your own breast check up. Diagrams will show you how to feel for lumps in the breast and more. If you are not one to follow instructions this way―your doctor will tell you all you need to know about breast examination.

Breast cancer is successfully being treated in women all over the world with the help of modern technology. Help groups give great support to those affected by the disease. Another fine therapy to help you cope is talking to other women sufferers involved with support groups. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today, early detection of any type of cancer is the key to a successful process which includes particular cancer treatments.

The main symptom linked with breast cancer is a lump or thickened tissue in their breast.(90%) of breast lumps are not cancerous.

Symptoms to look out for that can indicate breast cancer is present ( Not all may be a result of cancer though)

Lump or area of thickened tissue in one or both breasts
Size or shape changes
Nipple discharge (possibly streaked with blood)
Lump or swelling in one or both armpits
Skin dimpling on the breasts
Nipple rash
Nipples sunken into the breast

Breast pain isn’t usually a breast cancer symptom. If you feel alone and despondent because you have experienced one of the above-mentioned symptoms, don’t panic but rather make and appointment to see your doctor.

Breast Cancer