CelluliteWhat is cellulite and why have I got it. Good question why have you got it? You’re not alone when you see, a great number of women looking for a way to get rid of this, which has likely affected their legs, thighs, belly or buttocks. These are regular body parts where it is commonly found.

Cellulite is more a woman’s problem than it is a man’s. It is pockets of trapped fat which causes dimpling in the skin. It can come mild or severe. Depending on the severity of the affected area treatment can vary. When dimpling is uneven and patchy it can look downright ugly.

90% of post-adolescent women will get cellulite at some time. Popular body parts this is possibly going to affect is the thighs, buttocks and the abdomen.

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Below the dermis and epidermis are three particular layers of fat. Cellulite is more likely to build up in the subcutaneous fat layers. This layer of fat is original in its edifice in comparison to other layers because its fatty parts are prepared into certain chambers by strands of connected tissue around it. Hormones help with the storage of fat along with the body’s metabolism in the subcutaneous fat layer.

Daily exercise and eating healthy foods as suggested by medical professionals do help prevent many types of conditions, however, so not the case for dimpling of the skin. A well-balanced diet and regular exercise is no guarantee to remove or prevent dimpling forming. As sad as this sounds don’t give up because there are treatments that can make cellulite barely visible. Learning to live with the skin problem will lessen stress levels which can, in fact, make the problem worse.

To help reduce cellulite the option is there for cosmetic surgery. But ask yourself is this really necessary. Surgery is dangerous regardless of whatever surgery is performed on an operating table.

Help control your cellulite but under doctors orders – suggested tips below.

Put feet up keeping legs elevated
Eat healthy foods/nutrients that your skin cries out for
Drink honey and lemon
Take cranberry juice, onions, chlorophyll-rich foods, (wheat-grass is essential for its vast amount of benefits.)
Avoid stressful situations as your mind has a powerful effect on your body.
Work up a sweat to promote good blood circulation.

Tonic Apparently Good To Help With Cellulite

Ground coffee blended with 1-2 tbsp oil (olive, sesame or apricot) pinch of salt and cayenne pepper, a couple of dashes of cinnamon and honey, is supposedly an effective potion for treating cellulite. (((The caffeine in the coffee supposedly tightens and firms the skin. The grounds promote circulation to the area. Cinnamon and cayenne draw blood to the surface encouraging circulation to the skin. The honey disinfects. And the oil naturally moisturises and keeps the skin supple and soft.))) A lot is hearsay so do the right thing and see a doctor about your concern.