Chronic DepressionChronic depression: If you suffer different types of mood swings don’t fret because of there maybe a simple explanation why this occurs. However, if behaviours change dramatically and become severe see your doctor so he or she can determine the cause of the problem you are having.

Chronic Depression and panic attacks are labelled as to being psychological disorders. Both health matters are every bit as real as a physical illness. The good news is they are treatable conditions. Sometimes either one of the two can be a result of a physical problem like premenstrual syndrome.

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Turbulent mood swings are likely caused by premenstrual syndrome which is a hormone-sparked gathering of emotional upsets and physical discomforts, that for some women begin around mid-cycle.

A study released by nutritionists said calcium and vitamins B, C and E work well. Whereas experts from other areas suggest regular exercise like walking is comforting.

If a doctor determines you have a case of mild mood disorder then he/she will probably prescribe a drug called lithium. Lithium carbonate can decrease mood alterations. In a statement issued from P Wender M.D., his comment relayed that Lithium treatment has to be customised so the patient has an adequate level of the medicine in the blood.

For that reason, your doctor will start you on a somewhat high dose slowly decreasing dosage. When treatment starts you may experience side effects which could include fatigue, mild nausea, frequent urination and mild hand tremors.

Nonetheless, these diminish or disappear once the right dosage has been determined. Some patients fear the fact of having to take long term medication. Dr.Paul Wender says that addiction is not a problem and is safe for long-term use.

Chronic depression can be mild or severe. When symptoms do kick in whether it be one or the other (mild or severe) talk to a medic regardless of the problem being chronic depression or not. Some people can never be sure what causes their mood swings and therefore the importance of talking to someone in the know. There is no need to suffer in silence. Speak out and don’t bottle things up as this can only but add to your depressive state of mind.

Chronic Depression