Cold SoresHerpes simplex (HSV) is the main cause behind cold sores. If touched by the tongue cold sores tend to feel way much bigger than the size they really are. These sores are common and characterised by clusters of fluid-filled blisters which appear reddish and swollen in areas of the skin or on the mucous membranes. Mouth blisters are often more painful and sore than they are painless.

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Herpes simplex virus is of two sorts – HSV-1 is the more common of the two, it normally causes cold sores (oral herpes). While HSV-2 works its way down below to the genitals now becoming genital herpes. Nonetheless, both can still infect any area of the human skin or mucous membranes. A staggering 80 percent of grown-ups have antibodies against HSV-1 in their blood followed by the lesser number of 25 percent of the adult population who have antibodies against HSV-2.

Cold sores normally transmitted through close contact. You can’t get any closer than kissing so avoid this if someone sports a cold sore on their lip. Herpes simplex invades cells of the epidermis, better known to us as the outer layer of the skin, which of course is the reason why fluid-filled blisters appear. This particular virus manoeuvres from the epidermis along the nerve channels to the roots of the nerves where it then becomes stationary.

Symptoms can differ for each individual; some may have the mild type or none at all. Typically one of the first signs of an outbreak is a disturbing tingling feeling on the skin. Fluid-filled blisters are likely to show up shortly after this. Cold sores that have scabbed over will, as a rule, fall off after eight to ten days. The HSV can keep on spreading until all the sores are fully scabbed over. If a young child has the virus this tends to go further. In some cases, it’s known to infect the mouth and throat also. While the infection is present expect general aches and pains.

To help prevent cold sores avoid direct contact with an infected person. Don’t forget cold sores can affect other parts of the body which include the fingers and genitals. So when it comes to bathing take more time to care for these areas also and don’t rush the process. Always wash hands after contact even with your own mouth. Never pick at sores no matter how tempting it is because this could cause a bacterial infection. Try eating more healthy foods which will help strengthen the body’s defences against most viruses.

Cold Sores