Cosmetic SurgeryWhat is cosmetic surgery? It is an operation performed on people who want to either fix or change a part of their body. In some cases, it may be a much-needed operation where someone was disfigured, let’s say in a car crash or been in a fire, while others, usually have surgery because they are not happy with their appearance. Popular reasons why this type of surgery takes place is to straighten a bent nose, smooth out unwanted wrinkles, thicken lips to get a pout, remove excess fat or having the jaw bone straightened and shaped and much much more.

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Obesity another common cause for going under the knife. Plastic surgeons regularly do tummy tucks on a daily basis. People taunted over their fatness will look towards plastic surgery as an option to stop being ridiculed in the street, while others want their fatness gone because it could eventually kill them. This is usually the norm after an obese person has dieted and lost weight and now wants to be rid of the left over flabby skin.

All operations regardless will carry risks, so it’s best to know what is included before going down to the theatre. Not every operation is successful and fatal consequences have been known.

Take breast implants for an example: Once again a common practice for cosmetic surgeons. This can go both ways. Number one is the flat chested girl wanting big boobs and therefore seeks out plastic surgery to achieve this, or,  we have the girl with average size breasts but wants them bigger. Number two reason for plastic surgery relating to the breasts is the issue of being top heavy, so again the woman looks to this to help reduce size. The reduction process can be suggested by a doctor if the woman suffers from back pain due to the weight of her breasts putting pressure on her back.

Ask the plastic surgeon about the positive points to the surgery involved, and of course the negative points also. Never cut corners trying to save money and have surgery done in a back street clinic.

Although plastic surgeons are fully qualified people to perform operations as such, nevertheless, regardless of expertise operations are dangerous. If you still plan on going ahead with surgery for whatever cosmetic change, make an appointment with the plastic surgeon. Ask as many questions necessary so you know what to expect before and after the op.

The more knowledge you have will help you understand what’s happening. In my opinion, where cosmetic surgery is involved, that is, unless it’s a scar from a burn you want to conceal or excess fat taken away after a slim down, I say leave well alone. Who cares if you have a bent nose or square jaw. And as for cosmetic surgery to smooth out wrinkles from below the eyes which I hasten to add are a natural development of the human body… forget it. It’s the beauty that’s on the inside that counts.

Cosmetic Surgery