Some women may treat cystitis once in their life, while others possibly four or five times a year. It’s a regular condition in sexually active and pregnant women, and after the menopause. Symptoms of cystitis are sharp pain when urinating and urgency to use the toilet more often than usual, sometimes with little or no urine flow. Other likely symptoms of cystitis are bloody urine, backache, groin pain, lower abdominal aching and sicky feeling.

Prevent cystitis: Scented products are commonly responsible for causing cystitis. If you’re not suffering from cystitis but using scented products to over-ride vaginal odour… don’t! If the smell your looking to rid is the outcome of sweat or old blood it will need nothing more than a thorough wash. Vaginal odour is normal and unique to its owner so leave it be! The vagina wasn’t designed to smell of roses, but of a natural scent which men tend to find arousing. Don’t deny your man what is normal.

As like it is with a urinary tract infection drink cranberry juice and as much water as possible. Target yourself to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Lavatory habits after urinating should include wiping from front to back (vagina to bottom). Would you believe we have had women argue this asking why… need I have to spell it out!

Make slack all clothing around the crotch and wear cotton underwear. How can this prevent cystitis? It is known to help, nevertheless still good advice for other reasons regardless. Don’t douche and after sexual intercourse wash well, and urinate as soon as.

Urinary Tract Infection

Q. When I urinate why does it burn? And that’s not all the smell of my urine is so strong it reeks, but it’s not the smell that worries me as does the sharp pain I get when urinating… should I be concerned? You’re not going to die if that’s what you mean. There are different types of vaginal disorders as there are different treatments, so whatever the problem there is a cure.

Burning sensation, stabbing pain and strong urinary odour are typical signs of a urinary tract infection, nonetheless, have a GP confirm this.

A UTI is fast-moving once it strikes. Men also suffer this but more a woman’s thing due to having a shorter urethra, and regardless of gender UTI treatments don’t change. However, if infection includes complications that have happened as a result of severe infection, then medicine can differ in strength, and duration of taking medicine prolonged.

Prevent full force of the bad symptoms by striking back before the infection takes hold. At the first sign of a urinary tract infection, add a teaspoon of baking soda to water. Baking soda is acidic which increases the acid-base balance of the body thus decreasing the acidity of the urine.

When the body’s well hydrated the kidneys do their job better working harder at excreting urine, so drink plenty of it. Feeding the body water in the early stage of a urinary tract infection will wash out.bad bacteria and toxins before having a chance to cause problems.

Is cranberry juice effective for treating UTI symptoms as its made out to be? You are going to get women who swear by it for getting relief, while you’ll get just as many that think its a complete waste of time. You may be fortunate and cranberry juice works for you, so let’s crack on. Cranberry juice has for some time been top of the list as the best natural relief and cure for urinary tract infection. It contains substances which play havoc with bacteria that prevent it from sticking to the wall linings of the urinary tract. Once bacteria are dealt with, pain relief is got in a short space of time – likely putting stop to the burning and stinging sensation too.

A person that’s often denied a good nights sleep, or who lives a hectic life may suffer a UTI. If either of these factors is the cause of your urinary tract infection, then sleep and relax more to prevent further episodes.

Chronic UTI’s are often treated with Urizol, which is a natural remedy specifically created to treat this condition. The formula consists of natural ingredients which ease abdominal pressure, stops burning and slows down the urge to wee. Asparagus is included and works as a kind of diuretic clearing out the urinary tract system. Other Urizol ingredients aside from asparagus and the antioxidant cranberry are, Juniper, Echinacea, Buchu and Marshmallow mucilage.

If you have health concern go and get it checked out…take care.

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