Cystitis is a common UTI more known to affect women than men and this is down to, or so it is said to be down to, women having a shorter urethra. Nevertheless, both men and women are treated the same and with the exact same medication, that is, as long as there are no complications included with the infection. Complications can happen as a result of the delayed treatment being one to mention. Any condition left untreated is not good whether it is cystitis or not. The disease can only worsen rather than get better without treatment.

Cystitis is inflammation of the bladder, usually the outcome of a bladder infection. It’s a typical type of urinary tract infection and not seen as a life-threatening disorder. Some women during their lifetime will get to treat one episode of cystitis, while others who not so fortunate may suffer repeat bouts, sometimes as many as four or five times in a year. This can be very stressful for the patient due to the discomfort it causes. Cystitis is regularly treated in sexually active women as well as women expecting a baby and those just out of the change of life (menopause).

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Common cystitis symptoms are sharp shooting pains when urinating as well as the constant need to pee. Blood in the urine, back and groin discomfort, lower abdominal ache, and feeling ill can happen as well.

To help ease symptoms and get relief drink water and plenty of it. Kidneys function better as a result of doing this. The kidneys will strengthen working harder at excreting urine. Plenty of fluid inside the body when a UTI starts will flush out bad bacteria and toxins. There are several choices and things you can do to make the condition easier to cope with making any symptoms more bearable until the infection is cured completely.

For the more severe case of a UTI when it has been diagnosed as chronic, likely medication called Urizol is prescribed. It is a natural solution for treating abdominal pressure and burning. Taking Urizol also lessens the need to urinate as often.
If you are not sure that it is cystitis then do the sensible thing and see a doctor. He or she will check your symptoms which will help him or she decide if it is this particular UTI, thus allowing them to be able to offer you the right advice about how to treat the infection effectively. You will also be given a prescription after the consultation with the doctor. You only need to pop into the nearest chemist to collect the tablets or cream that is very likely on the prescription form.

Don’t be embarrassed about having cystitis as it is a common problem just like vaginal thrush If you are embarrassed about having to enter the chemist shop to collect the medication, don’t be, you will find the pharmacist will be discreet when dealing with you. All medication will be bagged so not to disclose any evidence of what is inside the package, so yes don’t be embarrassed and get rid of the