Depression, should you fear it? Hell yeah considering the damaging effects it can have on overall health. It’s a sickness which negatively affects how a person feels, the way they think and act.

A person suffering from serious depression may find they’re unable to function properly i.e. (dealing with simple day to day activities). Sadly because of this many people feel down becoming despondent, so much so, they find themselves at breaking point—seeing suicide as the only way to get freedom.

Note: Diagnosing a mental disorder the doctor will normally check that five or more of the symptoms below are suffered for at least a fortnight to make an accurate diagnosis:


The person is feeling lethargic and has no energy.
The person feels worthless or guilty.
The person struggles to focus, remember details, and again struggling when making decisions.
The person can’t sleep or sleeps too much.
The person has no interest or shows no pleasure in many activities.
The person frequently thinks about death or suicide.
The person feels restless or shows sign of slowing down.
The person has lost or gained weight.

Research has depression documented that it is a condition caused by alterations in brain chemistry. Contributors (genetics, changes in hormone levels, particular illnesses, stress, grief, even difficult life situations).

Its widely known that exercise and avoiding stressful situations as well as getting plenty of sleep helps to prevent depression. However, and even though these are good pointers to get relief—healing can also happen with the help of a good friend… that GOOD friend who understands, cares and willing to listen.

Demonizing thoughts that cloud your judgment and scare you, tells you its time to reach out to a doctor or that good friend because, after all, a friend in need is a friend indeed!

All content on this website/blog should not be substituted for that of the opinion of a doctor or other type of professional!

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