DietDo diets work? Yes, of course, they do that is as long as you are serious about losing weight and follow the guidelines of your diet plan to stay safe. Warning: Some dietary plans and diet schemes along with their promoters would just love to have you all believe their offerings can reduce weight, however,  not all companies are reputable in this respect and don’t work. The truth of it is, is, when on a diet to lose weight you have to eat sensible foods combined with exercise.

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For every pound of body weight you will find there are approx 3,500 calories, so if you are on a mission to lose one pound a week then you are expected to eat fewer calories to metabolise (500).

Some fad diet plans if followed correctly do produce positive results in weight loss.

Different diets work in different ways just like us individuals in how we differ from one another in our needs and wants.

It has been known where the dieter has gone over the top with their restriction on the daily intake of food for fast results, this is not recommended. This is starving you and something that is never included in a reliable diet offered by a reputable dieting or slimming club.

Diets do work if you stick to what is required from you, do this and you lose weight, if you don’t, and do that of what others do and break the rules – you stay fat.

Never go to the extreme of cutting out food altogether and replacing it with a fluid diet, this can be dangerous and cause serious complications towards your well being.

If dieting at home I suggest you have someone monitor you so you are not tempted to break the rules. Or, jeopardise your health by taking unnecessary risks.

If you are serious about losing weight talk to serious people who want to help and have the proper knowledge to pass on and share with you.

People with health conditions and who want to diet need to speak to people who can put them on the right track in regards to the problem they suffer from… namely a doctor.

Call into a local slimming club to get more advice on suitable and safe diets.

Its The Smoothie Way Or No Way 4 Weight Loss & Good Health!

Eating disorders are conditions that need to be treated by a doctor. If you have a problem with your weight in regards to anorexia or maybe something similar, don’t use a slimming club until you have spoken to someone first.