Can’t get an erection? Join the club, there are thousands of men the world over who have the same problem. However, the reasons for why they cannot achieve a stiff penis may not be the same. Just because you can’t get a hard-on doesn’t indicate something is seriously wrong, so try not to stress as the penis is going to react to it and not in a positive way, in fact, the complete opposite where it’s likely to remain limp and lifeless because of the worrying.

Guys not able to get an erection they find it embarrassing and frustrating, and especially more so at the time of having sex. This is understandable but what we have to remember in regards to sexual intercourse is, not only is it frustrating for the giver but for the receiver also. Then there’s the matter of masturbation which ain’t happening either without an erection. In our frustrations, we tend to do silly things so whatever you do and to avoid damage don’t rough up the penis. You can slap and squeeze the penis as hard as you like in the hope to get it working…. but don’t hold out that this will do the trick for bettering the d**k.


When accessed by a medic an investigation of the brain, nerves, hormones and blood vessels will take place also.

Note: Premature ejaculation—means coming too quickly. Retarded ejaculation—means an inability to reach a climax. Both have nothing to do with erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction

How far from the truth that ED is an old man’s problem. Young men in great numbers suffer this condition too. Some causes of erectile dysfunction have been noted being linked to circulation and blood pressure. Common conditions such as heart disease, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and cholesterol can affect how much blood gets to the penis. Men with diabetes and ED are likely aware that it is very possible their diabetes contributed to the dysfunction (damaging the nerves and blood vessels). Don’t lose faith guys because its good news as this is easily treated with medication or surgery.

Most young men’s reasons for a limp penis is linked to anxiety. Matters such as nervous before sexual intercourse, getting a girl pregnant or using a rubber sheath are possible triggers. While the middle-aged man’s anxiety might include a heavy workload, stress, guilt and bereavement of a friend or family member.

Erectile dysfunction is treatable and should your willy not get hard and stiff don’t be embarrassed and speak to someone who’ll help get the penis back UP (excuse the pun) and running as it should. (Depending on the cause).

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