FashionFashion explained is a characteristic or habitual practice. It represents wearing or using the latest of the most updated admired style in clothes and cosmetics trending at a particular time. We all like to keep up with what is trending and why not especially when it is the latest trend, but there are times when you have to draw the line on certain styles.

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Because of fashionable traits we have many people walking the streets looking like fools and all because of an addiction to wearing the latest of styles.

Trendsetters will kit out their wardrobes with dresses, shoes, designer jewellery, and cosmetics which don’t even suit them in their attempt to be up there and in with the times. Regardless of the trend, you need to take into consideration many things that’ll help make you look good rather than look a complete mess.

Fashion consists of a current constantly changing trend, favoured for the frivolous rather than the practical, logical or intellectual. Some fashion freaks will stop at nothing to keep up with fashion without considering the cost and therefore can end up in debt unless they are in a good paying job and can afford to do this.

If you can’t afford to buy the latest designer gear, then doesn’t it make sense to find an alternative, rather than go in debt. Remember when fashion designers are designing dresses and other or whatever, they don’t have you in mind. And this why we have so many men and women walking the street looking hideous.

Snub the up to date dresses and outfits that were not tailored made for you. This is not only a sensible thing to do but most surely a cost effective action that’ll save you money.

Buy a style that suits your budget and your shape and size.

Your dress code should be all about you. Too many expensive mistakes are made with people buying the latest styles thinking it suits them. “How can a fashion designer (this stranger) possibly know what is perfect for you”.

Never overspend on a credit or store card just to keep up with what is trending. A debt will prevent you from keeping up with any future fashion that may just and I repeat, may just actually suit your build and shape.