Fecal impaction what is it? It can be quite daunting trying to understand the medical terms used for specific conditions and disease. Any doubt you must ask your doctor to explain in layman’s terms to make it easier. Ask the GP about your diagnosis and to be more explicit to make you aware of what is included in the illness you may have. Knowing the full extent of a condition will help greatly in any attempt to get better.

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Fecal impaction simply explained means a rather large mass of hardened stool stuck in the rectum.

Constipation scaled down is when passing stools become a scary task for the patient and more times than not also a painful time. The constipated person is not able to pass stools as often or as easily as to what they have been accustomed. It can be a traumatic time sitting on the loo desperate to empty the bowels, but can’t when a stool is lodged in the back passage.

Fecal impaction can happen as a result of constipation, while taking laxatives too, for a very long time. Should the laxatives stop suddenly, muscles of the intestines routine messes up where moving stools on their own don’t happen?
Actions and doings that make people vulnerable to constipation and fecal impaction:
• Being sat in a chair or bedridden for some time is big risk factors.
• Brain disease, even a damaged nervous system can damage the nerve muscles leading to the intestines thus causing problems.
• Drugs can upset stool movement. Passing a stool is sometimes near impossible due to specific drugs.
• Anticholinergics can affect the interaction of bowel nerves and muscles.
• Specific medications used to treat diarrhoea taken regularly can cause constipation, as well as narcotic pain relief. For example methadone and codeine.

• Stomach cramps and bloating
• Leakage from the rectum
• Sudden bursts of watery diarrhoea
• Bleeding from the rectum
• Small semi-formed stools
• Straining
Other possible symptoms
• Pressure on the bladder can cause losing control over the bladder
• Lower back pain
• Fast heartbeat or possible lightheadedness from straining when using the lavatory.

If you are constipated for a period of time that you feel doesn’t seem right, then it probably isn’t. Get yourself checked out. Stop yourYou’re doctor wants to help so let him or her help you clear your constipation or

fecal impaction

the problem before it becomes chronic and a more serious matter.