HairHair can be maintained and kept healthy by using the right care products like conditioners and shampoo. Wrong treatments can leave you ending up with severely damaged hair. If ever you doubt a product then continue to doubt it and don’t use it.

Each hair is a follicle that grows from a pocket in the skin. During growth stages you will find that the follicle is of a bulb shape at the bottom, the dermal papilla, as it is called, is in the centre. Tiny minute blood vessels feed the papilla providing the nourishment needed (food and oxygen) while at the same time removing unwanted wastes. It is also sensitive to chemicals and hormones that are buried in the body which can cause an upset in growth.

Balding and loss happen a lot in both men and women and why this happens is, is partly down to their own doing – neglect. Severe consequences can be the outcome of neglect. In lots of cases of loss and thinning is because they that suffer from unhealthy hair choose not to treat it accordingly. (Of course not the case for everyone as there are conditions that cause loss that is unpreventable). Wrong products like dye can contain harmful substances.

Silicon Intensive Hair Treatment

Bad eating habits can affect the look. Instead of a healthy shiny bounce, eating wrong foods can turn this into a drab lifeless look.

Healthy hair should have a vibrant glow sheen or shine. It relies on the right micronutrients such as vitamins C, A, B complex and zinc. A well-balanced diet is one of the best formulas.

If you are thinking of having a cut then leave this to the professionals, even if it is only for a trim to remove dead split ends or rats tails. A bad cut can lead to hair damage. Gadgets like heated rollers and straighteners can be harmful and damaging also.

We have greasy and dry hair types where both types are treated differently. When experimenting with colourants or having a new style done at the salon consult an expert first to ensure that a glow will show.