HRTHRT: Not sure what hormone replacement therapy is? Not sure what treatment and medications are involved for easing symptoms of the menopause?Hormone replacement therapy, in short HRT, is a drug used to help women cope with the unpleasant effects of the change of life. This is typical in women between the ages of 42 and 58 years. The younger woman can also experience this but not normally common.

HRT is supposedly believed to increase the risk of breast cancer in women. Breast tissue is sensitive to oestrogen, so continued use of this for long periods of time may increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

Stop Those Menopausae Discomforts
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Hormone replacement therapy is prescribed by a doctor where many questions will be asked about your health. It’s a precautionary process to make sure that this treatment will not affect your health in other ways. Side effects can be serious so therefore the reasons for a thorough check up.

If you are going through a stressful time due to the menopause (change of life) symptoms, don’t suffer in silence. Call your doctor who may prescribe medication to help you cope with any anxieties stemming from the symptoms you are suffering from the change. Menopause symptoms can be so cruel.

Hot Flushes
Night Sweats
Disturbed Sleep Pattern
Crying For No Reason
Yes for sure these are cruel symptoms to have to try and cope with on top of other things.

Like pointed out earlier there are different types of treatment and medications to help with symptoms to help you cope. If you feel you are struggling to cope then go back to the doctor. The reason being is you may need a higher dosage or change of the actual drug.