Let’s face it that this coronavirus pandemic is pretty scary indeed! But so are conditions such as heart and kidney disease, oh and not forgetting the Big C— cancer. A lot of people with these conditions during the outbreak of Covid19 have had their life-saving treatments put on hold due to doctors being otherwise occupied battling to save lives until a vaccine is found… which doesn’t look like its happening anytime soon. As of yet the virus is still with us and therefore the work of the scientists continues so to try and find a way to contain it.

Kidney disease is not something you want to hear any doctor say that you have. It is a deadly disease and with no immediate medical care, the kidney disorder will progress to a chronic stage.

Note: Kidneys have a job to do and if not 100% they simply won’t work as they should. Their job is to remove toxins and waste. Acute kidney failure can bring death and to try and avoid this is to look towards keeping the kidneys healthy, and at least then the owner may just get the chance to live longer.

In lots of confirmed cases of kidney failure a cure didn’t happen for these people, and, although their pains and aches they suffered as a result of the damaged kidneys were treated accordingly, the disease had progressed too far, so much so their deaths couldn’t be stopped.

To achieve good kidney function stay hydrated. Water is one of the best ways to treat the body regardless.

Eat healthy foods so to get the vital vitamins and minerals that all of the body organs need to function properly.

Blood pressure: Kidneys keep blood pressure at a healthy range. A diagnosis of chronic kidney disease can bring complications where the condition worsens with the threat of heart problems.

If you can’t cut out then at least cut down on smoking and drinking.

Keep active and exercise (have a doctor know you are doing this).

Manage blood sugars.

Unless a doctor suggests otherwise limit over the counter pills and tablets.

When the kidneys are severely damaged the only chance of survival comes with two options (permanent dialysis or a kidney transplant).

Before attempting to try something new to better the health of your kidneys, get medical advice.

All content on this website/blog should not be substituted for that of a doctor or other type of professional.

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