LipstickWhat is it about lipstick that women just love aside from shade and colours on offer. The answer is normally that a woman feels naked without her lips coated with a matte finish or glossy lipstick? The lipstick comes in different textures… matte being most popular among mature women.

When applying lipstick remember to check the information provided on the package, this will help you decide what shade is ideally suited to your skin tone and hair colour. The colour of your hair and skin tone are two vital factors to consider before selecting a lipstick. Get this wrong and your appearance can suffer. Lipstick applied in haste can leave you looking like coco the clown so take your time.

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When choosing a lip covering for the first time why not ask a friend to come with you for that second opinion. The good news these days is that cosmetics which include lip covering are specially formulated and contain moisturiser and sun protection elements. Be careful when choosing a shade of lipstick for your yourself. Just because blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe who was famous for pouting those deep red glossy lips of hers looked fabulous, doesn’t mean red is your colour.

Keep and store lippy and fragrant scents in the lower part of the refrigerator. This helps it last longer. Before trying testers on your lips think first, is it unhygienic? Test the lipstick on the tip of your finger and not on the back of your hand because the texture and colour are more similar to that of your lips.

To make lipstick last longer use a crayon or pencil first as the base. If the lipstick shade is pale then the pencil should be a touch lighter (fleshy.) Pencil or Lip Liner touch ups help prevent the smudgy look. Cosmetic pencils actually inject a presence of softness around the lips and also helps stem feathering.

Once you have found the lippy to host your lips, let’s say it’s a shade of crimson or scarlet then what are you waiting for, go and do what everyone else does with this shade and that is to paint the town red.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so they say, but at the end of the day, it is your own personal preference that counts, meaning, if you are happy with the image portrayed in the mirror then that is all that matters. You can get fabulous makeup tips and advice online from beauty magazines with all updated news on cosmetics and fashion.