Male ThrushMale Thrush: Yes that’s right male thrush! This type of infection is not just a woman’s condition but hugely a man’s one too.Thrush is a yeast infection (called Candida). It’s caused by an overgrowth of a fungus called Candida albicans.

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Men with a foreskin are more likely to suffer from male thrush infection because the clammy moist warmth underneath encourages fungus growth. Symptoms of male thrush are similar to the female type – but of course, we are dealing with a penis as opposed to the vagina when it comes down to treating the infection.

It is also possible to catch the infection through unprotected sex. Sadly should you be celibate even penile thrush can still happen? Yeasts are naturally on the body and only become a problem when they overgrow out of control. Common symptoms of male thrush are redness (inflammation) and raised small spots on the head of the penis or on the foreskin. Irritation and itching and very possibly a discharge (smegma) come too. This can group under the foreskin and looks like cottage cheese with a yeasty smell. Skin can feel like its burning when weeing.

Helpful things to do

Good hygiene and saline bathing will help.
Keeping underneath the foreskin dry is important.

The male thrush infection can be treated with an anti-fungal cream called clotrimazole which you can get from the chemist without a prescription. Apply the cream for as long as it takes to clear up the symptoms and as suggested on the instructions.

Avoid sex while still infected

Eat a well-balanced diet low in fats and sugar

If you’re sure you have thrush and want to buy over the counter medication―read instructions carefully. On the packaging it may say something along the lines that if the cream hasn’t worked after 7 days to see a doctor, this is not written down for fun, it’s actually saying your condition could be more serious that only a doctor can put right.

Male Thrush