MenstruationOtherwise referred to as periods, menstruation is a physical sign to say that a young girl has reached puberty. The changes that come with menstruation and puberty can be alarming for some young girls who fear the thought of starting their periods, while others lavish the thought. Young girls can go through puberty from an early age, eight onwards. Now that puberty has taken hold it brings many changes to the mind and body. Hormones begin to stimulate new developments such like that of breast growth.

Menstruation (first menstrual period) is normally known to appear about two years after the puberty sign of breast development.

Before the first sure sign of a menstrual period, girls may begin to notice more of an increase in their vaginal discharge (clear in colour) this is nothing to worry about. If a young girl around puberty time experiences itching and has a vaginal odour have this checked out by a doctor.

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Depending on each individual, some girls start menstruating from 9/10 years old, while others may be late starters when they do not see a period till in their late teens, once again this is nothing to worry about, but if a menstruation issue is causing you concern talk to your GP.

The menstrual cycle is the amount of time between each period. The cycle is calculated by the start of the first period to the beginning of the next. Cycle patterns can differentiate in young girls. Some young girls might experience a 28-day cycle whereas others may have different times like a 24-day cycle, 30-day cycle or even as late as 35.

Menstruation is a natural function of a woman’s body so therefore do not fret if you think you are alone.

Irregularity in period cycles is quite common among young girls who are just starting to menstruate. This could be due to how the body needs time to adjust to all changes taking place. Changes may include seeing a 28-day cycle for about two months; another change is where a month is missed. You can also have two periods with hardly any time lapse in between.

The menstrual cycle after a few months gradually becomes more reliable and dependable with timing and date of a show of blood.

As time goes by and the young girl matures, so will her menstrual cycle settle too. Usually, now the young girl becomes more familiarised with the cycle pattern of her period where she can foretell when her next period is due. More information on menstruation can be found in leaflets in your local clinic. Do not be embarrassed to approach the subject with your GP because they are there to help and advise. (Info on the Menopause here)