NailsKeeping fingernails healthy strong and looking fabulous then you simply just need to treat them and not bite them. Neglect causes unnecessary complications, such like nail plate dryness where they have been exposed to harmful chemicals. Nail plate dryness can be caused by cleaning products that contain ammonia. This condition is commonly known to cause splitting and breaking. You can help avoid this by wearing gloves so fingernails don’t get damaged. Gloves are the best way to protect the skin and fingernails so they can stay in perfect condition. Of course, this is never a full proof guarantee, but the best there is by far.

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Apply hand lotion to cuticles after washing your hands. Into the nail plate rub cuticle oil, cover the cuticle area and underneath the nail. This helps waterproof the nail plates which then helps build a barrier against damaging detergents.

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Moisturise the hands to keep the skin looking healthy, we cannot have beautiful nails coated with a fabulous shade of nail polish on drab looking hands.

Remember: When nails start to grow, keep them to a certain length that you are content with. Nails let grow too long will break regardless no matter what you do to protect them.

Nurture your fingernails regularly. Have a nail technician check your nails and allow her or him to groom them as needed.

Sometimes breaking, weak and brittle nails may not be down to neglect but could be caused by another condition, so get them checked out.

There are many reasons for nail growth stopping, bad health being one reason, this can also affect hair growth too. If you feel your health has anything to do do with your breaking or cracking nails then seek medical advice.

The doctor may well recommend a well-balanced diet to help with your problem. Never use unfamiliar beauty products to treat your hands and fingernails for fear the source the product came from is not of a reputable place.

Using the wrong treatment regardless of whatever the beauty issue can cause more harm than good. If a nail product has been clinically proven then this is the safest bet. Good health and good food are both effective elements that will keep your nails up to scratch… Excuse the pun.