PedicureNot sure what a pedicure includes? Are you dubious and don’t know what to expect once inside the salon? You can if you want to do your own pedicure in the comfort of your own home. A pedicure is a wonderful time to mollycoddle the feet. Not only does it soothe those aching tootsies, especially if you have been standing all day at work, it leaves the feet and toenails feeling healthy and looking perfect.

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Beauty salons have all necessary equipment for pedicures, nevertheless, you will be surprised that you have too. You only have to check what’s in the bathroom cabinet or your makeup bag.

Let me clarify there is no pain involved with having a pedicure whether done at home or in a salon.

Some Tips below

Make the appointment first. Most beauty parlours tend to allow for walk-in customers; however, you’ll have far less chance of having a long wait by making an appointment in good time. Some clients having a pedicure like to bring their own items and products to be used.

Wear open toe shoes’ weather permitting, after all, you want to show off the finished work. Bring your own nail polish if you wish. Bring a book or magazine to read to pass the time away while the pedicure is under way.

Allow at least an hour for the whole procedure. This can be done in 20-30 minutes but it’s not something you want to rush. Make sure toes and nail polish is completely dry before putting shoes on, less chance of smudging.

Bear in mind in a salon you’ll be sitting in an open area with feet up in the air, so wear comfortable clothes… pants over a skirt is more appropriate.

1. Normally there are two types of pedicure stations, a standard rolling cart that the manicurist sits with a bar in front of your feet to rest on, or a large chair with a basin at the feet. Generally, the latter is reserved for higher end salons and spas and often called a spa chair.

2. Feet are prepared for the pedicure; old nail polish is removed first.

3. Toenails get snipped and shaped before soaking but some salons do this after soaking. Nail clippers and emery boards are used to trim and file toenails into shape.

4. Feet are soaked in warm water usually with a small vibration to it for at least five minutes before they start working on the cuticles.

5. Taking one foot at a time cuticle lotion is applied to the edge of the toenails. An orange stick is used to push back the cuticles from the toenail.

6. A cuticle trimmer will trim away the dead skin around toenail edges. Do not be alarmed at any of the methods used, a pedicure is not painful in fact quite the opposite, more soothing and relaxing.

7. A little oil is applied and rubbed into each toe and the foot, and then returned to warm water to soak, followed by the same procedure for the other foot.

8. Now pumice stone time which helps remove calluses and dead skin from the base of the foot.

9. Both feet are returned to the water for a final soak.

10. Toenails now get buffed for to leave a nice smooth shine. This step may occur in conjunction with the nail trimming but is often saved until near the end.

11. The lotion is massaged into each leg and foot. Toenails then get cleaned with a final drop of acetone (nail polish remover) on a clean cotton ball to remove excess oil or lotion. The feet are patted dry ready for the final step where cotton or foam forms are inserted between the toes to keep them apart.

12. Nail varnish is applied to each toenail. Typically you have two coats of coloured polish. One coat of clear topcoat. That is all there is to a pedicure. A manicure is much similar to a pedicure in the way it is performed only this includes the hands and fingernails.