PerfumeWhen choosing perfume or scent if you prefer to call it that, keep in mind that what may smell nice on someone else may not smell the same on you. You can only really judge by trying out different perfume testers. When testing particular scents don’t sniff the area where it’s been sprayed straight away give it a few seconds to settle.

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If your fragrance choice is that of the range of Eau de parfum, eau de toilette or eau de cologne, then spray this onto the skin generously because Eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de cologne are specially designed formulas to use on nearly every part of the body. While perfume is more concentrated it has designated areas to use it on, for instance, pulse points, behind the ears the neck along with wrists.

Scented lotions do not last forever. They can evaporate totally over time turning rancid.

Prolonging the smell to stay on you so it lingers longer, then wash with scented soap first, nevertheless be careful because of some skin types that may be sensitive to products that have a fragrance. Body lotion and talcum powder used before perfume are sprayed or dabbed on will help prolong the smell also.

Perfume can be expensive so it is a good thing to not neglect it but protect it from evaporating

Exposure to sunlight is not good so store away from direct sunlight. Keep it preferably in a dark cool place with the cap closed tight. This lessens the evaporation process.

Unfamiliar products should never be used unless tested first. By doing this you avoid skin irritation and the discomfort that comes with something that does not agree with your skin type. Some bad products have been known to burn the skin and cause infection. If you are unsure ask the shop assistant on how to select a suitable scent that’s safe to use on yourself. Most major stores carry out tests to guarantee a safe purchase.

When choosing cosmetic products as such, allergies need to be taken into account. The reason being is because some women are allergic to certain ingredients used to make different brands of scent. An Allergy is something that a doctor can confirm for you. Magazines have all the latest gossip on fashion and perfume so check them out to see what is the most popular and best trending perfume at this present time.