PregnantDo you think you are pregnant? The only way to know for sure pregnancy has happened is to see a doctor or do a home pregnancy test. Whatever gave you the idea in the first place to think you are pregnant? Has your period stopped, is there weight gain or are you being sick in the morning. The earliest and most reliable sign of pregnancy is when a regular monthly cycle ceases to show. Nevertheless, this can relate to other conditions that can stop the monthly bleed also.

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Stress normally being one of those conditions but more times no period does indicate pregnancy. You need to stop thinking now and get a prognosis from your GP because the first couple of months into a pregnancy are the most critical.

Signs of pregnancy may include feeling sick, even without vomit. Usually called morning sickness, however, this feeling can happen at any time of the day. (About stretch marks here)

Change in your breasts: often they become bigger and tender to touch similar to how they feel before a period. Breasts tingle at times. Veins under the skin may show up more and the nipples might darken and protrude.

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The need to frequently urinate can be a sign, but this can also be connected to other conditions also.


An increase in vaginal discharge without any soreness or irritation.

Feeling Lethargic.

Having a strange taste in your mouth (metallic).

Going off certain things like tea or coffee, tobacco or fatty foods.

Later into pregnancy, there are the cravings.

If you are at this present time scared to see a doctor for whatever reason, don’t be, but for peace of mind do a home pregnancy test. I suggest visiting your local clinic where you can get a pregnancy test done for free. It doesn’t matter who you bump into at the clinic they won’t know why you are there, that is if this pregnancy is to be kept a secret for the time being. I say time being because there is no way of hiding pregnancy after a few months.

Most chemists offer the service of (pregnancy testing.)

A do-it-yourself pregnancy testing kit is effectively precise in making pregnancy predictions. A positive pregnancy result is almost nearly always 100% correct. Give yourself time to adjust to the idea of being pregnant. Even though you may feel anxious and uncertain now, this does not mean that you won’t come to enjoy your pregnancy. If you are uncertain or indecisive about things in relation to you being pregnant, then open up and speak out. This way you will get answers to your concerns. Think about antenatal care – this is when you will get all the care you’ll need leading up to the birth, and where you will likely have your baby.

Diet is important while carrying an unborn baby. our health visitor will help you plan a well-balanced diet.

Depending on your situation remember it’s not the end of the world. If this is a secret pregnancy then stop the secrecy and allow others in on it so they too can enjoy this time of your being