Is Pruritis Ani common in women as it is men? Yes, you better believe it is, if not worse in some cases. However, it is something linked more to men than it is with women. So there you have it that anyone can have an itchy anus/rectum… just like anyone can have itchy hands, nose, feet or whatever. However, there is a big difference between scratching the nose and face as opposed to the part of the body where the Pruritis Ani is located.

It can be seriously embarrassing if caught short in public and the need to relieve the itch comes. Scratching the bum while out and about will without question draw attention, and, there is no guarantee that be good attention.

“Pruritis ani” is the medical term used for anal itching...

An itchy bottom can be caused by many things, and two to name and which is common are threadworms and haemorrhoids. Even an allergy to scented soap as well as certain foods and drinks such like coffee, tea or alcohol are known causes for itch too, but, if you can be sure none of these is to blame for the itchy anus you have, they still, however, don’t help the problem, in fact, they can worsen the condition. Other bowel irritants might include citrus fruits and chocolate. The less the bowel opens the less the skin becomes irritated. Of course, this cannot be helped if you have diarrhoea. Next time using the loo dampen the toilet tissue rather than use dry tissue as it is much harsher on the skin.

If rectal itching persists and pain is present this is likely down to torn skin. A tear in the skin is common—typically a result of scratching with long fingernails.

It’s hard not to scratch, but you would be doing yourself a favour if you didn’t because, ripped skin, is an opening for infection. To treat torn skin is no different from how you would treat any other wound.

Sweaty genitals are often the reason for itch and odour. If you sweat a lot then wash a lot… simple! Change underwear frequently and more so at times of menstruation and after sex. A few wisps of cotton 4 x 4 gauze and or some cornstarch powder to keep the area dry may help with discomfort.

Pruritis ani identified in a patient may have come about because of worms. Worms are something commonly seen to happen to kids, nevertheless, that doesn’t mean an adult cannot suffer them too. Play it safe and get a GP to check out why you can’t stop scratching your bum. It is better to be safe than sorry because, treating something you’ assume you have… when it is not the actual something you assumed, could leave you nursing a worse something than what you first started out with.

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