Puffy EyesPuffiness around the eyes or directly underneath can be caused by a number of factors. Sometimes and allergy can cause this. Or skin conditions like dermatitis which now the infected can bring itch and a red rash.

Safe Treatment For Puffy Eye Problems
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How to help prevent puffy eyes from occurring.

Raise your head on the pillow at night. This helps control fluid building up and flooding the eye area.

Apply a cool water compress to the skin below the puffy eye or eyes. Another way to refresh the skin is to use chilled cucumber slices, gel mask or cool moist tea bags.

Be cautious using over the counter medication; always do as instructed and follow instructions accordingly. Eye skin is sensitive and tender so be extra careful with eye treatments.

Infected eyes will become tender so when applying a compress, or cream you do not rub, but rather dab.

Wash hands before and directly after applying medicinal lotions in case infection were present when you were treating the eyes. If the puffy eyes are severe and there is no sign of the puffiness swelling (edema) going down speak with a doctor, where he or she can dismiss or determine other possibilities for causing puffiness. Thyroid or kidney problems, as well as side effects from certain medications, can cause issues.

The eyes are vital organs so therefore treat them as such, wrong treatments and medication used in and around the puffy eyes could well lead to more serious complications for the doctor to have to treat, that is if the damage done is repairable, unlike permanent blindness. Have a doctor Check you out if you are concerned about your

Puffy Eyes