Ending a relationship is simple, get up close to your partner so noses are touching like what boxers do when squaring up before a fight, and depending on the circumstance for the relationship breaking down, adjust voice accordingly to say what you have to say, for instance, “you are oh so DUMPED”. Believe it or not this approach, aside from dumping by text is a common way people break up with their partner. However, if you want to stay friends with your ex after the split this isn’t the right way to go about it.

People have feelings and to finish with someone like this is downright cruel. The only time a sadistic let down like this is warranted is when there’s a justified reason to be horrible. Reasons might include being in an abusive relationship with a violent boyfriend or girlfriend, or they have cheated on you, other from that let the partner down gently if you want to stay friends.

Its never going to be easy for the person ending the relationship, as this is the same for the person being kicked to the kerb, nevertheless, using the right words and right moment to tell the partner it is over will help ease their hurt.

Warning: You mustn’t copy the ways of others to end a partnership. People operate differently in love situations and that’s why it is important that it is you doing the talking and breaking up and not someone else.

Timing is crucial as is choosing the right environment to tell the partner they are not loved anymore. Choose a place you are less likely to get interrupted. Any sort of distraction can kill the setting. If this happens you may not get the time needed to offload what you have to say. Remember, no matter the time or where you meet up to talk about splitting up, it’s not going to be any less painful for the person you are dumping.

Honesty: They say the truth hurts and while this is true in situations like these, sometimes it is about having to be cruel to be kind. Whatever the reason for the split make sure the other person fully understands why you don’t want to be, or can’t be, a couple anymore. Don’t leave a stone unturned. Holding back to save hurting the person won’t help, in fact, it could make things more difficult. Pussyfooting around to save face and not being truthful will give false hope to the one you are dumping. Be honest and upfront so not to leave an opening for your ex to come back looking for answers.

Environment: Choose a calm peaceful setting where you won’t be disturbed to have your say. Bad choices include at a party, disco, or in the car. Don’t dump the person under the influence of alcohol either. Being sozzled will give you dutch courage likely having you say more than you had planned. Alcohol can give cause for an aggressive reaction as opposed to a tearful one, so no dumping in the pub to avoid broken bones.

Dump in public: It’ll help if people are close by in case the partner is likely to go off on one and cause chaos. Being around others will give you the confidence to follow through with the breakup. If you’re alone you are under threat of caving in and backing out of going through with ending the relationship. Go to a cafe or library where you can up and leave if things get nasty, rather than wait for this person to go.

Face to face: Never have someone or something act on your behalf. No one deserves to be finished with by text, email or by a telephone call either.

Be certain: Having mixed feelings about splitting up can mess with your heart and your partners too and they’ll sense this. Not knowing what you want at the time of talking about going separate ways isn’t fair on your partner, and will cause unnecessary heartache, having them think there is still hope. Be sure and make it clear that your decision to move on is final.

If you still want to be friends speak with a soft tongue before that of a forked one when ending the relationship. Don’t give cause for bawling and shouting. Keep your voice low and be civil during the initial break-up. Avoid name-calling and swearing. Make out even if not fully true that splitting up is the end of something special.

What to say when you dump your boyfriend or girlfriend

It’s over
I don’t love you any more
We are finished
I can’t see a future for us
I don’t want us to be a couple
I’m ending this relationship

Whatever line you use to end the relationship is not going to be easy, and neither be easy for the other person to accept, however, feel the fear and do it anyway so you can both move on with your lives.

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