RelationshipsWhat is a relationship? Love is a misunderstanding between two fools so they say, that is if we are talking about people here. What does a relationship mean? It isn’t always about what we think the girl and boy or man and woman thing. It is a bond a connection or coming together in unison between two things. It more times applies to two related or unrelated people. Relationships can be recognised or referred to like man and his dog or man and his car. You can talk about things and how they connect with other things such as bread and butter and bacon and eggs. Animals also have relationships.

If we stop to think about relationships between people there are several ways this can be seen. Most popular is that of romantically or intimately involved such like boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife. Friends too can become close where striking up a relationship happen easily.

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Other types of closeness come with family members such like mother and son, daughter and mother, father and son and father and daughter. These are called sibling relationships. Strong bonds can also happen in the workplace between employee and boss. Even schools between principal teacher and students.

You can build relationships in life every day. Every minute you are around someone and interacting with them you are creating a relationship. Even a stranger is a friend you have never met. How you handle the situation will determine the state of your relationship and whether it is bad or good. You can build relationships in all areas of your life; college, workplace or in the home. You can always work at improving the relationship that you already have and grow closer to the ones you already care about.

Relationships can and will last if you want them too.