Have you got a sexually transmitted disease? How do you know? Never assume a condition without speaking with a doctor first. Making an assumption of what you think maybe an STD is not recommended as something you should do, as this can cause problems mentally and physically. The mental part is where you may be worrying over little or nothing, and likely just got a common vaginal or penile thrush infection, while the physical part is where you look to treat something it is not which can be dangerous.

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Okay, you’re worried that something isn’t right. Has your vagina developed an itch? Have you a genital rash? Does discharge smell? Is it frothy and green? Are your testicles swollen? Is there inflammation and soreness? What about scabs around the vagina or penis tip? Is this area sore?

These types of questions tell us we need to know more about what symptoms relate to what Sexually Transmitted Disease out there to be able to identify the STD accurately and not assume.

Female Chlamydia you can expect pain. Or a burning sensation when peeing, as well as a vaginal discharge. Chlamydia can cause pain in the lower abdomen when a sexual act takes place (sexual intercourse).During sexual intercourse and between menstruation cycles bleeding can happen.

Just like women, men experience pain or burning sensation when urinating. Discharge from the penis tip is common and normally shows up white, cloudy or watery. Painful testicles are likely.

Genital warts attack the genital area. Warts resemble tiny fleshy lump type growths. They happen as a result of the human papillomavirus
(HPV). Not known to cause pain but rather typically brings redness and itch. Not in all patients but bleeding can occur.

What is genital herpes? Herpes simplex virus (HSV) is accountable for this condition. Symptoms of HSV can come as early as a couple of days after coming in contact with the virus. Usually, the patient will suffer blisters which are very likely sore. Discomfort during urinating is a symptom that’s likely as well as itch or tingling.

The STD gonorrhoea scares a lot of people however it can be treated successfully. This infection is connected with pain or a burning sensation when weeing. Vaginal discharge is something that helps the doctor diagnose that gonorrhoea is the problem. Expected vaginal discharge is usually watery, yellow or green. During intercourse, the female may experience discomfort in the lower abdomen and bleeding.Symptoms for men are similar to a woman’s i.e. pain or a burning feeling in urinating. Discharge a white, yellow or green from the tip of the penis. Testicle soreness is anticipated with this infection.

Syphilis is a bacterial infection and bad one at that if left untreated. It causes a highly infectious sore. Normally in the early stage, this is painless. Irritating rash, flu-like-feeling can occur, even patchy hair loss with secondary syphilis.
The heart can be affected in the late or tertiary stage of syphilis along with paralysis and blindness. If in any doubt about you having Syphilis contact your doctor. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Trichomoniasis is another

sexually transmitted disease.

This is the result of a tiny parasite called Trichomonas vaginalis. Tiny or not it still causes problem symptoms such like a smelly frothy yellow or watery vaginal discharge. Also soreness and itch… During the time a man urinates he is likely to suffer pain and burning. This infection shows a whitish discharge from the penis tip or an inflamed foreskin.