How can someone or something abuse your skin you may well ask, that is, unless you allow it. SkinThe skin needs as much care and attention like that of any other part of the body. Most people who suffer with bad skin are unaware this is likely a result of being outside in the open air.

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Once outside the home is when neglect starts especially if it hasn’t been treated for whatever the weather condition on the day. With no cleansing or moisturising then its not ready. If you ignore a beauty priority such like of this importance then expect problems later down the line.

Cold and heat from the sun are 2 harmful substances you need to protect your skin from.

Begin a protection regime starting today and it may help avoid anti ageing creams becoming something of a necessity in your life when you get older.

Sun products come in creams, sprays, oils and gel, so there is no excuse not to like a particular type to use. Slap this on at all times, regardless of being outside in the sun for 10 minutes or a few hours.. The danger and power of the suns UV rays are often overlooked when topping up that tan for the bronze look. Its not worth going without sun protection just so your skin can resemble a dried prune in time to come.


rinses,washes, and soaps are all good for the complexion. Mild cleansing soaps are more gentle on the skin. Some soaps whether scented or not can take away the skins natural protective oils, which I hasten to add that no moisturiser can replace, therefore leaving it open and exposed. Read up on your products befoore purchasing, or ask an expert for advice if you struggle trying to understand what is best for you.

Cleaning creams or cleansing solutions are a great substitute for keeping the skin clean to perfection without upsetting its fragile balance. These types of cosmetics grace shop shelves in every beauty store or chemist. However, seek advice before you buy, as we all differ greatly. Remember, just that a cleansing cream or whatever looks nicely packaged in a jar, tub, or bottle doesn’t mean it will be helpful to your cause.

The human body is covered from head to toe in skin and can prove to be expensive to treat with beauty products to keep it pure, clean and healthy looking. Nevertheless, if it keeps danger at bay it will be worth it to fork out a little extra money to protect yourself.

If your body is exposed regular to harsh weather (winter and summer) it should be looked after continually to prevent damage. These are two major threats (hot and cold.) that are a serious danger to the skin if exposed to either one.

Aside from the sun and frosty air, did you know tobacco products can give rise to poor skin, Give give up the fags and your complexion may not suffer any more than it already has.