Smelly FeetSmelly Feet: Let’s face it nearly every one of us at some time has experienced this no matter how clean the feet has been kept.

This comes as a shock for many people but foot odour can happen to young children also, however, not normally caused by what adults have that’s caused their smelly feet. Foot odour is a common problem and one you shouldn’t be overwhelmingly concerned about. as they are treatable. Most smell types can be caused by different factors. Finding out the specific one will make getting rid of the smell easier.

Do you feel embarrassed about your smelly feet when out in public? Well stop right there, how do you know the person standing next to you isn’t thinking the same because they too suffer the same problem. Okay, it’s not nice and can be embarrassing, nevertheless, there are treatments for this, and things you can do to lessen the problem being a big problem.

If the infection has caused the odour, medical attention is likely antibiotics will do the trick for treating the infection taking the smell with it.

Ultimate Foot Odour Treatment Developed by A Registered Podiatrist
Shoe and foot powder odour remover Natural remedy containing essential oils Tea Tree Lavender and Peppermint also helping Athletes foot.

Smelly feet is down to bacteria that feed on sweat. The bacterium is drawn towards the sweat. This bacteria gets rid of waste on the feet which are in the form of organic acids. These organic acids have a strong pungent odour anyway, so very possible why for the bad smell.

Try bathing feet with antibacterial soap.

Drink plenty of fluids preferably water.

Avoid synthetic materials in socks – experiment and try cotton first.

Spray feet regular with antiperspirant followed by foot powder sprinkled inside your shoes or trainers.

Try not to wear the same pair of shoes for two days on the run.

Leave shoes out to air.

Try not to keep the feet closed in.

Change into slippers instead of keeping shoes on in the home. Better still allow the feet to breathe by wearing open sandals as an alternative over closed in slippers.

Wash feet with green tea. Bathe in baking soda along with a few teaspoons of vinegar This soothes and help helps lessen foot odour.

Dust feet twice daily if possible using cornstarch or powder.

Rub turnip or radish juice in and around the feet. Both being natural deodorants. These juices are excellent mediums for fighting body and foot odour.

Supposedly taking a bath with ginger for a specific period of time helps the body sweat and rid the body of toxins.

Make a mulch mix of ginger root and mash it up. Rub on feet.

Soak feet daily in strong black tea for 30 minutes.

Add two tea bags in a pint of water. Boil for 10 minutes. Now add two quarts of cool water and soak your feet in the solution.

The acid called tannic acid present in black tea kills bacteria and closes the pores.

Poorly feet that have been neglected can be painful, and not just that they are your means of transport, so, seek advice from your doctor. While during the visit and ask if home remedies are safe to use.