Just a quickie you lads, how much do you know about semen other than the part of the body it comes from “and” that it’s the fluid that helps make babies. Anticipated colour of semen is a whitish-grey, however, if it is different don’t panic if you’re spurting other than the specified colour mentioned here.

Having said this still don’t panic but rather do the sensible thing and have the matter (excuse the pun) investigated by a doctor regardless.

Semen, displaying another colour other than the expected type is commonly temporary and harmless. Nonetheless, this change in colour could be reasoned by an underlying condition, which therefore needs further evaluating.

(RED) If what’s released is reddish the prostate or glands (which are known to assist in semen production) could be inflamed. At the time of witnessing reddish semen it’s natural to experience scary thoughts, but, it is a regular thing and its cause (inflammation) is usually benign.

(YELLOW-GREEN) Infection is mainly accountable for bringing yellow or green semen. Other possible causes are jaundice, while, medication and vitamins are well-known culprits too.

It takes a SPUNKY man to reach out for help, but hey you have plenty of that… so if overly concerned… what are you waiting for?

P.S. To put the record straight sperm and semen are not the same thing. Sperm is the reproductive cell (tadpole) and seminal fluid is what it swims in.

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