Stretch Marks and why pregnant women get them. Also what they are exactly! They are if being honest something you need to prevent if possible. Stretch marks are associated strongly to pregnancy and obesity. They can appear mild on the stomach in pregnant women or aggressive in appearance. They can only be described as down right ugly in some cases if severe. No woman wants this in her pregnancy and neither does she want it after she has given birth. Unfortunately if you have been cursed with stretch marks, there are ways to help conceal them. Nonetheless nothing is ever full proof and depending on the severity of the birth marks on the tummy, it may be hard to completely disguise them altogether.

Stretch marks appear as cracks in the skin caused by breaking down of the skin’s connective tissue in deep skin layer (dermis) due to loss of collagen and elastin. Some women are lucky and escape the misery of stretch marks, while some are not so fortunate. Stretch marks are typically reddish or purple raised lines caused by micro blood vessels breaking up and bleeding which in time fade, but maybe not as much so they cannot be seen. This can be disturbing especially for young women who love to wear a bikini or maybe for the naturist who like to go butt naked.

Stretch Marks

Tips to help prevent stretch marks:

Nothing is ever 100% so no guarantee of stretch marks gone forever, but having said that there are women with success stories that have managed to prevent stretch marks happening throughout their pregnancy.

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To help prevent stretch marks you need to better the skin’s elasticity. Massage the belly with gel or cream containing cocoa butter, vitamin E or sweet almond oil. This also helps prevent the skin drying out and becoming itchy.

Nutrients are essential for a growing baby, as so they are for the mother also and her skin to keep it strong and healthy. Eating a well balanced diet not only provides goodness for both mum and the unborn infant, it also makes weight gain easier to manage letting the skin stretch at a steady pace.

Moisturise tummy skin from the first trimester. You can purchase specific formulated creams for birth mark prevention. Use this type of cream if preferred over your usual brand of moisturiser. Moisturiser is a food and will nourish the skin as well as keep suppleness. Stretch mark prevention creams improve collagen production and support the dermis keeping skin intact despite rigorous stretching.

Drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin and maintain stretchiness.

Take Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc and Silica to help prevent stretch marks.

Keep your pregnancy weight to what is considered normal and you might get to avoid stretch marks caused by extra fatness that causes the skin to stretch.

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Pregnancy Weight Chart
Baby: 8 pounds.
Placenta: 2-3 pounds.
Amniotic fluid: 2-3 pounds.
Breast tissue: 2-3 pounds.
Blood supply: 4 pounds.
Stored fat for delivery and breastfeeding: 5-9 pounds.
Larger uterus: 2-5 pounds.

Total: 25-35 pounds.

To lose weight safely and keep pregnancy weight in control and so not to stretch the skin more than necessary which could lead to stretch marks, see the midwife or doctor for more information.

Stretch Marks