Teen SexWhat is teen sex? Firstly its something that you need to be old enough to do, and secondly, and most important thing is to know what’s involved if your’e under the age of consent to have sexual intercourse. Teen sex we associate to young people who have under age sex. It’s also a subject heavily highlighted because of the amount of unwanted pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases that can happen as a result of unprotected sex. If you are thinking teen sex then think condom too

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Teen sex is getting more like fashion everyday (more to the pity that condoms ain`t) meaning, if you are not wearing the latest in fashion designs then you are behind the times, and it is because of this that young girls and boys feel obligated to participate with what’s trending. Sadly this is often done with out no consideration of birth control.

In most cases of teen sex it’s not about love, it’s more like testing the waters so as to speak.

Birth control is a number one priority if you want protecting from catching an STD or fall pregnant. No where in what I write do I want you to think I condone under age sex, but if you are going to go ahead regardless then do the sensible thing.

Unwanted pregnancies in young teens today is on the increase due to not using some sort of birth control method. This is no excuse as there is so much help and advice out there to help youngsters understand the consequences of unprotected sex.

A sexually transmitted disease is a serious issue. If left untreated it will worsen. An STD will not go away without a doctors help. Treatment is necessary to stop the infection spreading, and to stop you spreading it further should you bed someone else while still infected. The longer you ignore the fact that you have an STD the more the pain and longer the treatment process.

Venereal diseases (VD) treatments are affective if the condition is treated in their early stage.

Teenagers who engage in sexual intercourse need to be prepared for the outcome if the sexual session was not conducted properly or even thought through.

You wont have to look for lists of abortion and GUM clinics if you act mature. I dont want to say this, as it it could sound I’m encouraging you, All I’m trying to get across is, if you do tend on going ahead then do the right thing and think condom.

Today we live in a different society, but that’s no excuse to be foolish, because after your session of fun and lets say a mistake is made then brace yourself for the misery that is very likely to follow.

Find out more on- line on how to get free condoms and birth control pills. Don’t forget to ask mummy and daddy first kids if you are thinking about having

Teen Sex