What gives me the impression you’re here reading this because you are concerned about having an abnormal vagina. Before going any further let me stop you right there. I like to think there is no such thing as an abnormal vagina… different maybe?

NOTE: “Abnormal” is a word that refers to something unusual, whereas, the word “different, and although kind of similar in a way” and depending on what is involved, simply means NOT the same as whatever the thing is it is being compared against. So let’s forget that horrible word abnormal and say you are stressing over having a vagina that’s different.

Here’s a quick one: Are women with dissimilar shaped faces, hair colour and size seen as abnormal?… NO, different YES.


Interesting snippets below

It is without question you can anticipate problems with poor genital hygiene. Take sweat for instance, if left it can lead to infection and certainly bad odour. Some women get confused because they hear too much bathing is not good, and while this is correct, not enough is not good either and especially during menstruation. Only you can know when is the right time to bathe. In many instances only a quick rinse is needed to rid sweat, so no need for harsh scrubbing because not only is the vagina a self-cleaning organ it is odourless too. So if the vagina smells then something is causing this other than the vagina itself.

Douching: Some women think they’re doing themselves a favour doing this… NOT. While douching does remove a small number of bad bacteria, it also removes good bacteria too. Note: Douching can cause inflammation (vaginitis).

Sexually active women should insist condoms are used to help keep the vagina clean.

Fo genital discomfort go commando to avoid irritation. If what is suggested here… going about your own business with no knickers and it unnerves you, then stop wearing nylon. The vagina needs room to breathe so let it and wear cotton underwear

Fact: The vagina is by no means dirty and has a self-regulating system that is cleaner than the mouth and bum.

Even a healthy vagina will have a slight odour but if a strong fishy smell is present then usually this is a sign that the delicate balance has been upset and the Lactobacilli is not doing the job it should. When the balance is disturbed vaginal infection such as “bacterial vaginosis” is likely.

Sufficient bathing for the vagina`s outer part “labia” needs doing at least twice a day with cold water.

Pelvic Infections can lead to vaginosis.

Candida is a vaginal condition where the vagina becomes too alkaline, primarily brought about by diet and oral contraceptives, even stress.

Pregnancy and the resultant change in hormone levels can cause thrush.

Antibiotics although given for healing along with oral contraceptives can lead to vaginosis. Low levels of lactobacilli leave particular women more susceptible to infection because they may have fewer robust lactobacilli.

It is not necessary to clean the vagina on the inside as it regularly flushes itself out.

Prevent excess bacteria from developing around the vagina and urethra by changing motion when cleaning up after a bowel movement—from the front towards the back.

Vaginal mucus… eek

Vaginal discharge is one of the body’s regular functions. Like it or lump it we have to live with it, but what we don’t have to lump is if it appears different to what we are normally accustomed. Note: Soap and water will not cure infection if this is what you think is the reason for witnessing a change in discharge consistency and colour. (see a doctor).

Every woman differentiates greatly in shape and size which is NOT abnormal. If a woman is overweight and wide then her vagina is likely to look spaced out and wide too. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean her vaginal entrance is bigger and wider and smells more than a skinny woman’s. In fact, it could be tighter and far less smelly. What’s abnormal about this?… nothing only DIFFERENCE.… just saying.

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