Valentines DayValentine Day: Come February the 14th both men and women busy themselves deciding what to get their sweetheart. It’s the one day of the year that’s classed most romantic out of the 365 days in a year. Couples tend to wine and dine each other over a candlelit dinner or cuddle up together on the couch eating chocolates or give each other flowers and much more.

Every year on the fourteenth day in the month of February people from all around the globe gift the ones they love with sweets, candy, flowers, chocolates, jewellery and other lovely meaningful gifts. Restaurants tend to be jam packed with loved up men and women who are eager to celebrate they’re being together in a relationship on this day, which is very much a renowned day for intimacy.

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The word “Valentine” has two meanings. It can mean a card sent or handed to a person you are fond of. Or it can signify a specific person such as your lover, wife or the girl boy you are engaged to be married too.

Although most gestures made on this day are kindly and beautiful, couples like to do something different, so aside from receiving and giving chocolates and flowers consider going on a spending trip around the town or maybe a romantic cruise holiday stopping off at ports like Paris and Venice.

Can you imagine being in a gondola floating along the canals of Venice with a Corneto in your hand?

Another fabulous way to celebrate Valentines Day is to simply snuggle up on the sofa butt naked and watch a movie together. Not sure this is a good idea though as you may not get to see much of the film.

You could gift each other Valentine vouchers to let your partner spend as they wish.

If you want to do something really special this year why not ask this person to marry you… just saying. You can also get some fabulous information and ideas from romantic novels by Mills & Boon that will help you make this time a memorable

Valentine Day