Varicose VeinsAre varicose veins a thing of beauty? Ask a person who suffers from veins to find this out. Nonetheless, I’ll put money on the answer being no.

Varicose veins usually affect the legs. One cause to influence varicose and spider veins is directed at being a heredity thing. Raised swollen blood vessels that twist and turn can be the result of obesity. Birth control pills, blood clots and post-menopausal hormonal replacement are others. They can develop in people whose job might include standing for long periods at a time. An estimated 30% to 60% of adults have varicose veins or spider veins.

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Other reasons may include injury to the skin. Previous venous surgery and exposure to ultraviolet rays being others. Varicose and spider veins increase in frequency with age. Because veins affect women more than men it now becomes a beautiful thing.

Both vein types can be painful causing aching/cramping in the legs. Fatigue, burning, pulsating throb, tingling, and heaviness in the legs.

Symptoms can worsen when a woman is menstruating. Some patients develop swelling and ulcers. Some see an increase in the pigmentation of their skin, especially in the ankle area. Occasionally veins can form a painful blood clot with inflammation now called thrombophlebitis.

Varicose veins are permanently dilated and twisted. They contain one-way valves every few inches to help blood return to the heart against gravity. If valves leak an increased pressure prevents blood from draining properly. Valves may leak and fail because of previous vein disease e.g. thrombophlebitis. Pressure on veins in the pelvis during pregnancy can raise the pressure in the abdomen.

To ease discomfort have frequent rest periods. Elevate the legs. Try wearing lightweight elastic compression stockings. Never ignore varicose veins. Depending on the severity of veins and pain they cause complete removal may be suggested from ankle to groin (ligation and stripping).

If veins are allowed to worsen it can now become a life threatening situation. Deep vein thromboses being one concern. While phlebitis (inflammation of the wall of the vein)leg ulcers and eczema being others.

Cosmetic improvement on small localised spider veins (idiopathic telangiectases)is done by injections. Laser treatment is effective on small veins. However, talk to a doctor about the options available.

Varicose Veins