Wedding CakesWedding cakes is all about flavour, or is it though? For most happy couples to be its all about appearance and how it looks when baked, iced with cream or whatever and ready for scoffing, or is it though? I would say a combination of both is the ideal wedding cake.

For Your Wedding Cake
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Perfect Wedding Cakes if you are thinking of making your own will not cost you as much money as it would if ordered from a bakery. Weddings are expensive and with what you save by baking your own wedding cake can go towards other vital elements that will make this day extra special.

When choosing a cake to make keep the recipe basic. This is a good idea if you lack culinary skills. Consider decorating a sponge cake made by you. It is a simple option and one that everyone loves when it comes down to eating cake of any sort.

Though the prospect of making a 2 or 3 tiered cake may seem frightening, it is based on some pretty simple elements of architectural support. Like all sound construction, a tiered cake begins with a solid foundation and you having confidence. If you have this then you are onto a winner. Not only now will you save money, you are giving your guests a wedding cake unique to your own doing.

What is the difference between making Wedding Cakes or any other type of cake… nothing, other than the actual ingredients to make it and decoration? Whatever is to be the filling of your wedding cake is up to you. You can have sultanas, raisins, mixed fruit, dried peel, and cream. Like mentioned earlier a plain sponge is the safest bet to satisfy your wedding guests, because then no one can say they don’t like particular ingredients you used.

The design of the cake is the method in which your cake is constructed. Different cake shapes are easy to do, that is, if you know what you are doing… keep it simple – round and square sponge bases are very popular for the novice cake creator.

Wedding cakes can vary when it come to decorating it. Personal preference will play an important role at this stage. Cakes can be decorated in an accordance to blend in with your wedding theme and colour. Contemporary, traditional, ornate or simple it’s your choice. These days delicate handcrafted sweet sugar designs and chocolate menageries are popular cake accessories. There is also various flavoured icing types to choose from, which you can use to decorate your cake. Other decorative ideas include edible flowers, fondant and marzipan creations.

Once you know the filling you are having, spread between the layers of sponge, that is if you have 2 or 3 sponge bases (Jam, Cream, Chocolate spread, Butter Cream or other).

It’s simple to match your cake with the mood or theme of your wedding. Tip: Make sure you’re in a good mood before you start baking and creating.

A plain sponge mix is all you need to get started on baking your own wedding cake. Once the sponge/s are out of the oven and allowed to cool overnight, then you can focus on decorating it.

When decorating the outer of the cake with let’s say icing, have a steady hand, especially when piping cream.

Icing sugar and butter easily whips up to a sweet cream which can be used to cover the outer of the cake, but this can be a messy act.

When making a wedding cake, make sure you read through the recipe guide carefully, so you get a clear picture of the work involved and the time needed.
It’s best to go with simple cakes that only have a few tier’s if you are new to this, say two or three, as these are more stable and more simple to assemble. Cakes tiers say four layers or more are fragile and complex to put together. If not assembled correctly the cake could topple over.

At first keep to smaller less complicated tiered cakes that have their own delicate beauty and simplicity. This should be the case for all learner bakers of

Wedding Cakes.