WeddingTo avoid any hiccups on this special day all wedding accessories have to be finalised long before the day of walking down the aisle. If you have any doubt whatsoever involving your wedding plans, get it sorted fast. Make sure that everything is ticked off on the to-do list, things like the cake, the cars, wedding guests, bridesmaid gifts and more so to get peace of mind.

Make Your Wedding Day Extra Special
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The bride will never look the part without bridal accessories to finish off the whole look after the dress is put on. Accessories are seen as a garnish so as to speak. What’s added to the woman’s body while in her gown is going to make a massive difference to her appearance?

Note: Look how the veil alone speaks volumes once placed onto the head. A fabulous transformation transpires once the veil is positioned. The bride and gown are now seen in a different light. Another element such like a sparkling tiara or crown of flowers for the headpiece will change everything again. There are so many decorative headpieces to choose from that will set the scene to give the bride her perfect look.

Headwear which includes diamante stones is popular along with the Juliet cap. Juliet caps are normally worn to hold the wedding veil in place. Remember that crystals and pearls will always dominate. Most of the time-encrusted into a bodice of a wedding gown or wherever else desired.

The design of the gown will help you decide on what headdress is suitable to mark the occasion. Traditionally veils measured about three and a half yards in length, however, this is your day and if your choice is a trailing veil or a short one then so be it.

Crucial bridal gear is shoes and stockings which are often taken for granted. Before buying an eye candy looking pair of shoes make sure you test them out for comfort, as they are worn throughout the best part of the day. Shoe styles come in abundance (velvet brocade, satin, soft leather and more) so no excuse to settle for less than the best. And get the stockings and colour right too because this is where the blue garter goes remember.

Jewellery will perfect the whole overall look of the bride with what bling pieces she wears. The bride can never go far wrong for the classy elegant look. Matching set of pearl earrings and necklace should seriously be considered.

Off the shoulder or sleeveless wedding gowns compliment with gloves. The shorter the sleeve the longer the glove. Gloves effortlessly conjure up a scene of sophistication to any bridal outfit.

Even though planning can be daunting, it’s important everything is done on time and done right

To prevent disappointment double check nearer to the wedding date that the church is booked the wedding cake is ready and the venue hall. Oh, and if you chose fresh blooms for your wedding bouquet then collect on the day. It’s just little things like this that can get overlooked and spoil your wedding day. Now go and be the perfect bride you visualise yourself to be, after all, it is your