Wrinkles Wrinkles is certainly one of the most common signs of ageing skin. In some unfortunate cases they are more aggressive due to genetics. What this means is, genetically prone to wrinkling. The older woman tends to dread this time when wrinkles form knowing they are unavoidable. There is good news however, so premature fine lines and face wrinkles can be prevented. Early ageing signs normally appear because of skin neglect. By this we mean over exposing it to the suns harmful UV rays, smoking and not treating and preparing the skin before going outside in the bitter cold.

Rejuvenating Skincare Secrets Don’t Let Age Steal Your Youthful Looks

Wrinkle treatments are available but choosing the right one can prove to be a difficult. Some cosmetic firms promise wrinkle removal forever! Poppycock there is no permanent cure. But that doesn’t mean wrinkles cannot be concealed.

Are premature ageing signs of wrinkles a sign of intrinsic or chronological ageing. The answer is yes, because there is no way to avoid them. As you get older the skin weakens becoming thinner and dry. Because of this deteriorated collagen makes the skin less stretchy. The rate of intrinsic ageing happens at an erratic genetically determined rate, first visibility normally happens at the early age of 30 to 35.

Sunlight is responsible for many skin problems attached to extrinsic ageing. To restore the skin back to a healthy state after damage from the sun, can incur huge expense. Flawed skin caused by over exposure to the sun, or photo aged, from a decrease in collagen and other dermal proteins, can result in the skin creasing. This tends to happen over time where noticeable signs of wrinkles deepen and bring folds and creases on the skin. Photo-ageing also causes pigmentary change; “age spots” (sun-induced freckles)uneven skin tone, spider veins and dilated capillaries.

Speak to a beautician or skin consultant about skin care if you are at your wits end worried about your looks because of wrinkles. The right advice on skin care will keep your skin from further problems should you know not what are the best skin products to use to help hide the wrinkles.

An easy way to tell between intrinsic and extrinsic ageing is to compare the skin mostly exposed to the sun, such like, face, hands, neck, and then compare them with skin not as much exposed. Look at the breasts, inner arms and buttocks. If you take care and avoid to much sunlight and give up smoking then this will definitely help prevent wrinkles coming early, or ones already present on the face may not appear as severe to look at.

Skin is delicate so be careful with the products you use to treat it. Remember that natural beauty comes from within.