Yellow ToenailsNo woman will look her best especially when wearing open sandals should she have yellow toenails protruding through. Toenails can mould into an abnormal shape as well as thicken once they turn yellow, thus, making some shoes uncomfortable and painful to wear. Yellow toenails is a concern for many, both men or women. Nail fungus happens more in the foot area than that of the fingernails. Yellow nails need to be repaired sooner than later. Nails in this state can be extremely painful if at an advanced stage. The advanced stage is the outcome after nail fungus has not been treated. Be wary because one damaged toenail can spread to other nails.

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This form of nail fungus has to be examined before treatment can be prescribed. How is this sort of fungus determined? Signs to look out for are a change in colour where the nails turn a brownish yellow and show blotchy white patches.

Other signs are seeing the nails chipping easily, as well as turn flaky and brittle. If yellow nails are already present it makes sense to repair soon before they begin to separate from the nail bed. Prevention is the best way to stem nail fungus forming. Give extra attention to the feet when you are bathing. Treat yourself to a regular pedicure to keep nails short and in order. If fungus is there then this is the time you will spot any type of abnormality with your feet or nails. Ignore the feet and you could miss the fungus, which could have been treated immediately.

Home remedies for yellow toenails are not recommended because they can cause serious damage thus worsening the condition. If you have been given advice or medication from an unfamiliar source then you must have the product checked out before it comes in contact with the skin of your feet or nails.

There are many types of treatments available sold in chemists for treating disorders of the feet. Ask the pharmacist about fungus medication for your condition as he or she will know best what to prescribe, however, if the pharmacist is dubious about recommending something for you then do as they suggest, which is likely you see a doctor.

Yellow Toenails