Are you that person who not bothered while in the company of others and squeeze their arse cheeks to let one rip and then laugh about it? Shame on you—some consideration wouldn’t go amiss towards those that this just might offend. Okay, and before you say it, yes, I’ve heard the saying ‘wherever you may be let your wind go free,’ and yes I wholeheartedly agree, that is, as long as we hear the farter mutter ‘oops excuse me’, however, some take it just that bit to far… so not funny and disrespectful.

Apologies if I’ve got this wrong and you’re not a fun farter and flatulence is a problem that is causing you misery and embarrassment.

Breaking wind and trumping are typical words used for what is called in medical terms…flatulence—which, often happens as a result of inhaling excess air or eating specific foods that are hard to digest, while, episodes of indigestion and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) can trigger this also.

If you fart a lot during the day and worried the number of times you do this as being unhealthy, don’t panic—flatulence is not known to threaten life, in fact, its an activity of digestion that reflects the operation of bacteria in the gut. It’s a normal bodily function easily managed if foods like lentils, beans, sugary drinks or soy are accountable. Flatulence is also part of the package that can come through taking certain antibiotics and medications.

Farting up to 20 times a day for some is the norm and not seen to be a problem, it only turns that if they’re the SBD sort (silent but deadly and smelly). Odour is predominately caused by sulphur and frequently treated with charcoal tablets or simethicone… check with a doctor first.

Heads Up:

1 Avoid the elevator full of people if you let off smelly farts
2. Avoid the library if you let off noisy farts
3. Avoid blaming someone else to save embarrassment, as the old proverb goes’ a dog is always the first to smell his own fart.

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