Do you think you have genital warts and not sure what to do? First, you’re not to panic until you have proof that it is warts, and then having said this, still not a time to stress out because genital warts are treatable.

Note: Long term damage can happen as a result of treating a genital disease at home, so, it is in the best interest of the patient to have a doctor check them out.

What exactly are you seeing or experiencing to have you think genital warts are present? Let’s assume you feel a lump. Does this lump feel rough or smooth? Is there one lump or two or maybe more? Do the lumps itch? Is there bleeding? These questions have to be asked to get an accurate diagnosis. Although lumps can be an indication of genital warts, they can also come as a symptom of another disease.

It is important the right diagnosis and medication to cure warts is prescribed by a doctor. Treating a condition from a made-up assumption of the problem is a dangerous move. Wrong medication taken to treat an assumed diagnosis is risky. Without certainty, you’re putting your health at risk. Get the disease wrong and you could be in big trouble.

You need to stop scratching the head and put this to bed and find out for sure if it is genital warts.

These warts are caused by strains of the human papillomavirus, which is passed on through sexual intercourse. They are small pink or brown projections of flesh that form on male and female genitalia and sometimes the anus. They can be itchy and bleed but not painful, and, come flat or rough, single or grouped.

In men, genital warts often come to the penis or under the foreskin. If settled in the urethra they may be seen protruding. In women, warts affect the lips of the vulva, vagina and urethral opening.

Note: It is easy for women to get confused between vaginal pimples/boils and genital warts. Pimples are normally the outcome of clogged pores and best treated early to avoid infection. An infected pimple now becomes what we call in most cases, an abscess. Abscesses are painful and to best describe the discomfort especially if located on the bum or vagina you’ll not be sitting down as much as you would like too as the same applies for a boil on the bum.

Abscesses typically come under the arms, anus, face, close to the tonsils and lips of the vagina. Identifying an abscess is easy as it is a red inflamed pus-filled lump. Some abscesses clear up on their own, but if close to nerves or major organs a doctor will need to take a look. Abscesses can develop in hard tissue such as kidneys, lungs, brain, gums, tonsils and digestive cavity.

Genital cysts and boils, which, technically are a type of abscess are noted down as a benign mass filled with fluid or semi-fluid. Not something considered life-threatening. A vaginal boil is a pus-filled lump experienced around a hair follicle which typically happens due to infection.

Whether its a genital wart a vaginal pimple, cyst, boil or abscess, don’t squeeze it. Forcing these type of lumps to burst can have severe consequences. It is best a doctor does the draining or lancing to remove any pus.

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