Which one fears you the most… cold or influenza? If you had a choice which disease would you rather suffer and have to treat? The good news is that neither are life-threatening conditions, however, that doesn’t mean if one or the other is diagnosed and they include infection then complications are likely. At the end of the day, no one wants to be treated for either and therefore it is best to dedicate some time to look for ways to prevent catching a cold or flu.

To gain strength and build up the immune system to help fight infection consider taking vitamins …

Winter weathers typically encourage sickness with the common cold and flu being top of the list. It is around this time of cold climates we get a lot of pneumonia cases—a condition that can happen with a bad bout of influenza. There’s is no guarantee that wrapping up warm to go outside in the bitter cold you’ll be protected from catching a cold or the flu, nevertheless, wearing plenty of winter woollies is a step in the right direction to help prevent a sore throat, painful cough and stop having to constantly wipe a runny nose.

Colds and flu normally spread through direct contact with an infected person and should this person touch their runny snotty nose, cough or sneezes into their hand, microscopic virus particles remain on the skin and are easily passed on. If the skin isn’t washed immediately these particles stray to things like door handles, knives forks, plates, towels, bedding, even food products and packaging. This virus makes its way to the adenoids at the back of the throat and sticks to the cells, thus invading them and then reproducing. After a period of time, the cells burst and release new virus particles which spread to other cells.

Common symptom of a cold
⦁ snuffles
⦁ sore or irritated throat
⦁ nasal pain
⦁ a blocked nose (nasal congestion)
⦁ irritation
⦁ sneezing
⦁ a runny nose (nasal discharge)
⦁ possible cough
⦁ hoarseness
⦁ feeling unwell

Taking proper medicine will have a cold gone in no time, that is, that nothing else like an infection is present. When it comes to fighting disease it is without question a healthy body will help you get through it or over it, and as mentioned before taking a multivitamin each day could help significantly.

Unlike the cold, influenza symptoms usually come suddenly. Symptoms linked to the cold come gradually and at their worst in the first couple of days, but tolerable. If you’re not able to tolerate the symptoms see a doctor so to make sure it is just a cold and not the flu or pneumonia. Cold Symptoms, normally disappear within four to nine days – while flu symptoms a lot quicker- two to five days, but it can take longer to ease the discomfort of a dry tickly cough and sore throat.

Flu is a viral infection caught by breathing in liquid droplets containing the influenza virus.

⦁ Muscle pain and aches
⦁ Fever
⦁ Headache
⦁ Cough
⦁ Sore throat

The immune system plays a vital part in keeping you safe from disease to the best of its ability, but it cannot do this if it is weak. The stronger the immune system the better. Make it stronger and you reduce the odds of catching a cold or the flu. Avoiding tobacco products, exercising more, eating a well-balanced diet and resting are things that will improve your immune system so it can fight in your corner.

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